Who can benefit?

Alternative health care for you, your friends and family

I provide intelligent, alternative health care, tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. Suitable for the whole family – much like the service provided by the family doctor of old. Read on for a taste of how my approach can benefit you, your partner, friends and family, at whatever stage of life.

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Infertility – I have had some notable successes in this area. Herbal medicine offers a number of different approaches. Please phone to discuss your situation and what I may be able to do.
Infections – these can go back and forth causing trouble, but herbs and diet can usually sort things out.
Counselling – when attitudes or difficulties become entrenched or trust is lost, an unbiased ear can make a real difference to communication.

A woman in her late thirties came to me after trying unsuccessfully for a baby for many years. She had already had the standard tests and no problems had been identified with either her or her husband, leaving them confused and anxious. Following a detailed medical history I prescribed specific herbs and requested she make some easy dietary changes, and this was all that was needed, as, within three months, and much to everyone’s delight, she became pregnant and had a healthy baby boy nine months later.

A different case, much more recently, has been a wonderful success, in that a young woman, just 27 years old, married and keen to start a family, found that though she could conceive easily, she miscarried the foetus within a few weeks. This happened multiple times causing great distress. Her case history was complex, and I learned that both her mother and grandmother had struggled with frequent miscarriages too, and had but one baby each due to this.

We decided to do a DNA test and found that some key genes were in a poorly functioning form, but fortunately, being nutrient related genes we were able to apply nutrition/food based solutions, along with certain supplements, and I am pleased to say this lovely young woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl just four weeks ago, at time of writing. I could not be more pleased!

In both these cases, gentle but powerful herbal medicines were used in the latter weeks of pregnancy and in the weeks after the baby arrived, to help the mother’s body build up to the tremendous effort of giving birth and recover promptly after it. Time honoured wisdom guides the Medical Herbalist, and the results are heart warming indeed.



  • Care during pregnancy – for conditions such as varicose veins, nausea, haemorrhoids, back pain, constipation etc solutions can be found with safe herbal medicine, internally and/or externally.
  • Helping the birth process – giving birth can be significantly supported and eased by the use of tried and tested herbs, used by wise women for generations.
  • Home birth – I had my child at home, and support other women who want to give the most natural start in life to their babies. If you have not considered home birth before there is plenty of information available at www.homebirth.org.uk
A young woman who was six months pregnant consulted me suffering with painful legs, the beginnings of varicose veins and constipation.

One has to be careful with the selection of herbs for constipation in pregancy, as some laxative herbs, such as senna, are not appropriate, but after carefully reviewing her symptoms and medical history, I prescribed safe internal herbs to ease the bowels and others to strengthen the vein walls. I also made a herbal lotion for her legs. Within days she felt the improvememts as her legs ceased to ache, and she no longer had slow and uncomfortable bowels. There was no relapse of symptoms as the pregnancy proceded even though the internal pressures increased as the baby grew, and such problems typically get worse as the due date approaches.

Herbal medicine relieved all of this woman’s physical distress, which some would have deemed minor, but nevertheless were marring the latter third of her pregnancy. Solving problems like this makes herbal medicine an unsung day to day hero for a great many people, here and around the world.



  • Breastfeeding – since ‘Breast is Best’ in all circumstances problems such as mastitis, excess or insufficient milk, can be promptly and effectively treated with safe herbs, helping to avoid the ‘formula milk trap’.
  • Babies – I have treated babies at the Clinic for conditions including croup, whooping cough, colic rashes, infections, eczema and conjunctivitis. Herbs  in trained hands are safe, very effective and gentle.
  • Vaccinations – I lend books and videos on this important subject and provide herbal options and support to concerned parents.
A mother suffering from mastitis consulted me as the pain was becoming unbearable. She knew that all the doctors could offer were antibiotics, and having managed to avoided them all her life, she did not want to start now, especially as she was breast feeding. I provided her with a herbal tincture and directed her to apply it externally to the affected breast using a clean flannel (effectively creating a poultice) several times per day. Relief was almost immediate, and by keeping up the routine for several days the mastitis completely cleared up.
A new mother came to me with her three month old son, who had had conjunctivitis in one eye since two weeks old. The eye was red and sore, and had not resolved despite their best attempts to treat it with salt water and breast-milk. I provided them with herbal drops, which to be mixed in a little warm water then dabbed on the eye with a clean cotton pad. Remarkably, after only a single dose administered in the clinic the eye improved throughout the day, resolving fully by evening. They kept the remainder of the drops in their medicine cupboard in case of relapse, but fortunately never needed them again.


  • General Health – school children are exposed to a lot of potential infections and can benefit from Herbal medicine to boost immunity and resilience.
  • Common problems – tummy aches, ear ache, eczema, worms, hyperactivity, head lice…all treatable with safe and effective herbs.
  • Specific problems – counselling is very useful for school phobia and emotional challenges. The effects of puberty and hormone changes bring new energies. Herbal medicine be can be invaluable here.
I have successfully treated many children suffering from molluscum contagiosum – several were referred by a local GP. Molluscum contagiosum consists of multiple wart-like skin lesions caused by a virus, and can be especially persistant when the immune system is weakened. I prescribed dietary changes to boost their immune status and a lotion to dab on the spots. In each case the lesions cleared in two or three weeks.
Children often get ear ache caused by infections of the middle ear. The standard treatment with antibiotics is often ineffective, in some cases the problem gets worse rather than better. I have treated many such children effectively through a combination of dietary changes and herbal medicine, often leading to complete resolution in a few days.


  • Look after yourself – men are often reluctant to take worries to someone but a Medical Herbalist may be more approachable than a GP and can perform many of the same examinations.
  • Sexual function – difficulties such as erectile dysfunction (impotence), prostatitis (infection) and enlargement of the prostate gland can be effectively treated with the right herbs, as well as premature ejaculation and relationship issues.
  • Hair Loss or Premature Greying – safe and effective herbs can restore youthful locks and looks.

The following is a good example of a more complicated case which illustrates how follow-up visits allow adjustments to the regimen as required. It also illustrates the collaborative nature of my approach, as the man in question moves from initially feeling helpless to eventually feeling confident he can manage his own health.

A man came to me with on-going prostatitis. He had first noticed genito-urinary pain three years earlier and had undergone inconclusive investigations indicating bladder infections. The pain had continued, including discomfort on urinating, as well as bloating and discomfort after meals. His weight had been going up and he was suffering from piles and headaches. I carried out a urine test – there was considerable blood in the urine. My approach was to change his diet to reduce the bacterial growth, provide him with a tea of herbs chosen for their bladder soothing and urinary tract cleansing effects. I also put him on a live pro-biotic.

Two weeks later his symptoms were improving, but not resolved. He stated that the herbs were making a striking difference – making him feel more like his old self – “sprightly” as he put it. He reported that the herbal drops I gave him for moments of acute pain took ten minutes to work, then stopped the pain completely. He was enjoying his new diet, feeling much better after meals, and was losing weight gradually.

On his forth visit, two months after he first came to me, he stated there were “huge improvements in everything”. However, it was clear now that he had an inflamed gall bladder. I combined specific herbs to address this. At the fifth visit he had had a partial relapse following a hospital procedure that required his bladder to be forcibly inflated with water. However, he no longer felt threatened by a set back as he saw that my approach was working and he could now identify foods that aggravated his symptoms and felt empowered to take charge of his own health by adjusting his diet.

By the sixth visit he was looking and feeling great. He was now managing his condition to the point where it was no longer dominating his life. He had developed the confidence to keep himself healthy, and knew he could get in touch if any problem recurred.



  • Thrush and Vaginitis – many women suffer from yeast infections or soreness unnecessarily, often due to antibiotics. Herbs treat both, fast.
  • Cystitis, Urethritis and Kidney infection – the vast majority of UTIs can be rapidly resolved with herbal medicine in the hands of a trained and experienced Medical Herbalist.
  • Breast lumps – benign breast lumpiness is common and can be readily treated with safe herbal preparations reducing anxiety. Real support available in breast cancer and related problems.
  • Menstrual cycle – whether it is PMS, period pains, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle, menopausal disruptions such as hot flushes and libido changes, herbal medicine can effectively solve such problems.

A lady in her early 50s sought help with osteoporosis which had been diagnosed by DEXA scan of the hip and lower spine some years earlier. According to a second scan 5 years on, her bone density remained of significant concern in spite of taking the prescibed AdCal and Alendronic acid. She had experienced a number of fractures in her life, including in her teens.

We organised a simple genetic test to look at her bone and collegen metabolism. It identified three low functioning Vitamin D Receptor genes although her collagen formation gene was normal. Such Vitamin D receptors have been shown to be linked to osteoporosis (see this 2016 paper)

Armed with this vital information we were able to optimise her Vitamin D status using my UVB 311nm light box for 4 minutes once per week over that autumn and winter, and she made sure she got plenty of sunshine exposure through the summer months.

I also prescribed a low phytic acid diet and vitamin K2 supplements.

Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient found in many seed based foods such as wheat and other cereals, beans/pulses and nuts, which has the ability to bind dietary minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc making them much less available. Over time this can contribute to mineral deficiency issues including osteoporosis (see this 2015 paper). This woman had been experiencing bone de-mineralization all of her life, hence the fractures. She had been eating a diet high in phytic acid, and had poorly functioning Vitamin D receptor genes, which further reduced her ability to take up calcium.

Vitamin K2 is a key factor in ‘steering’ calcium into bones. Without it any calcium that is absorbed may be deposited in soft tissues, such as the blood vessels (where it causes arteriosclerosis) or parts of the brain (which is often found in dementia patients) or other places it should not be. It is increasingly recognised as a valuable treatment in osteoporosis (see this 2014 paper)

This patient is improving in all aspects of her health, and has found that a number of minor, long term health issues have resolved since the treatment. She now feels her health is in her hands as she is in control of her diet and can make sure she continues to get enough vitamin D and K2. Although she has not had another DEXA scan yet, she did recently fall off her bike, and was pleased to report that she did not suffer the expected fracture.



  • Stress – periods of excessive stress or anxiety can have serious repercussions (e.g. depression) but here at the Clinic we have a long history of successful support and relief in this area.
  • Sleep disruption – when demands are too heavy sleep can become irregular and a vicious circle can develop. Timely treatment with herbs along with improved sleep hygeine strategies can make all the difference and get you back on track.
  • High Blood Pressure – can develop with long term overwork, but herbal medicine can effectively bring it back down and ease the pressures in the system. I offer regular monitoring of those at risk.

A young man with a demanding job in advertising found hiimself chasing his tail, burning the candle at both ends and becoming less and less productive and rarely happy.

His girlfriend, a previous patient here, sent him to the Clinic and, through a process of carefully selected herbal medicines, regular bed times, adjustments in diet (i.e. removing common excitotoxins) and the use of red lighting in the evenings to counter the blue light when using the computer, we succeeded in unwinding what had become a vicious circle.

Result – a happier, more relaxed and more productive man, and a girlfriend who no longer felt on edge or concerned for him.


Older people

  • Dementia and Memory Loss – is the number one concern in an aging population. Herbal medicine has proven benefits meaning a fulfilling, mentally active life is still possible.
  • Circulatory Problems – angina, swollen ankles, age related macula degeneration, leg ulcers, late onset asthma & tendency to falls – all treatable with herbs.
  • Arthritis – both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis can safely be treated with time honoured herbs bringing much needed relief and a return to an active life.
  • Drugs and Herbs – we frequently treat people on complex drug prescriptions safely and effectively.

A delightful elderly lady sought my help for her long term ear pain and problems sleeping. On taking a full medical history it became clear that the sleep problems arose from two sources: night time disruptions by her husband who had dementia, and her use of sleeping pills for many years. The ongoing low-grade ear infection was, I believe, partly due to the insufficient recovery time (i.e. sleep) and the use of many courses of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistence.

For the treatment for this woman to be effective I had to include treatment of her husband, as his worsening mental ability was strongly impacting on her life. Treating her husband consisted of a simple dietary adjustment away from carbohydrate dominence, as well as some targetted brain supplements, which had very positive effects in a short time. This meant my patient was more relaxed and so we were able to ween her off the sleeping pills in a graduated way using effective herbal alternatives to achieve this, all very successfully.

Treating the low grade ear infection with herbal anti-microbials and tissue restorers has reduced that discomfort significantly, and progress is ongoing.

In treating older people one often has to work with a complex set of circumstances, unique in every case. Changing long established habits can be a challenge, whether dietary or otherwise but such changes along with effective and safe herbal medicines, can make a huge difference with just a little effort. I see excellent results which are very heartening and gratifying. In this case both husband (not my official patient) and wife are progressing well, and finding more confidence and contentment as they progress.



  • Specific difficulties can develop as a result of certain physical disabilities. I addresses each situation as unique, finding solutions that are workable and effective.
  • The no. 1 vulnerability when movement is restricted is adequate circulation to all tissues. Herbal Medicine is very effective at reversing this trend or treating problems that arise because of it, such as swollen feet, UTIs and skin fragility, all common occurrences for wheelchair users.
  • Working with other professionals – as a Medical Herbalist I can support  the work of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths etc. with effective therapeutic herbs internally and externally.

A lady in her late 40s was struggling with some of the side effects of being paraplaegic. A confident wheelchair user for some years she experienced the problem of swelling and cold feet that is common in people who are not able to move their legs due to spinal nerve damage. Along with this came that other common problem, leg and foot ulcers, all of which are due to severly reduced circulation to the lower limbs.

We instituted a daily regime of tilting her body, as on a see-saw, to get her feet above her head, and back again, in an alternating manner, three times in the day. With gravity assissting her circulation in this way we have made a great difference of her health. I also made herbal medicines to help with blood flow and skin healing, which sped up ulcer resolution, and reduced their occurence markedly.

Thinking practically in circumstances like this is not only effective but safe and independence enhancing.