My red-light collagen lamps

My red light box is a portable table-top unit, with fold out wings, and can be angled to illuminate the face. Goggles do not need to be worn as the light is not bright enough to damage the eyes. In deed, there is evidence that red light is beneficial for the retina. About 20 years ago, NASA demonstrated effective pain relief using red light in paediatric cancer patients. Since then many studies have demonstrated not only the pain-relieving effects of red light, but also a role in increased wound healing, stimulating hair re-growth, and synthesis of collagen in the skin.

Red light penetrates the skin a few millimetres, reaching superficial blood vessels and muscles. Interestingly, it has been shown to stimulate the production of mitochondria in cells, and has been used by athletes to increase endurance and recovery.

My unit can be placed on the floor to  treat the feet and legs, or on a chair to treat the back. It has a built in timer, and needs to be used daily for ten minutes or more, depending on the condition being treated. For patients that need it I am able to lend the unit out for them to try before purchasing their own if they wish. (Note: I do not sell these units)

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