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I am now able to dispense supplemental glycine at my clinic at a very good price. The sturdy pot is resealble and contains 400g of this conditionally-essential amino-acid. If you wish to purchase please contact me here:

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About Glycine

Glycine is an important amino acid which we get in modest quantities from protein-rich foods plus we  make a few grams per day in our own body. Recently, however, scientists have realised that humans are chronically deficient in glycine which is needed in much higher amounts than previously thought.

The research on glycine supplementation is remarkable, as it is involved in a huge range of metabolic processes including: cell repair and protection, collagen synthesis, mood and sleep regulation, blood sugar control and longevity.

I highly recommend the in-depth article I have written on my blog which covers all the latest science on the function of glycine: 10 reasons to supplement with Glycine

10 Reasons To Supplement With Glycine

Some Key Points from the article:

  1. Everyone is glycine deficient due to an evolutionary bottleneck that limits the quantity we can synthesise
  2. Supplementing glycine at 10g per day improves collagen synthesis by 200%
  3. Glycine has a range of anti-inflammatory effects
  4. Glycine has stabilising effects on the central nervous system and improves sleep
  5. Glycine has a range of anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects
  6. Glycine protects cells from damage due to injury, trauma, hypoxia, cold etc
  7. Glycine protects the stomach and intestines, reducing inflammation and ulceration
  8. Glycine increases the body’s antioxidant capacity and enhances detoxification by multiple pathways
  9. Glycine has a range of benefits for the cardiovascular system, improving clotting, heart function and improving blood lipids
  10. Glycine has longevity, anti-glycation and anti-cancer properties

If you wish to purchase a 500g tub of glycine, phone me 01243 868108 or send me a message here.