Quality Herbal Medicines

The suppliers of my herbal medicines all work to Good Manufacturing Practice standards in modern facilities where quality control is paramount. There have been concerns in the past over imported far-eastern products that were found to be contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs or heavy metals. Such problems cannot arise with the medicines I use. To read more about the quality of one of my suppliers click here.

My suppliers also take sustainability seriously taking into account endangered species, fair trade and farming practices. Many herbs are grown organically and some of my suppliers are accredited to Soil Association standards. For further information on sustainability click here.

I have a good working relationship with my suppliers and can draw on their expertise when needed.

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CORONAVIRUS — The Clinic is open as normal.

Find out if you have already had coronavirus [Read more…]

Coronavirus update: Clinic is now fully open:

Rosemary Cottage Clinic is open for new and existing patients.
For concerned, vulnerable or self-isolating patients, consultations can be carried out by phone or Skype.

NEW: Covid-19 antibody test: £92

I am now able to offer antibody testing which can establish whether you have had the SARS-CoV-2 virus already.

The lab test is very reliable and carried out by the largest UK lab (The Doctor’s Laboratory)

The cost includes having your blood taken at the clinic, centrifuged and then sent to the laboratory and all consumables and postage.

Results are usually returned within two working days.


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