My Approach

Traditional care + Natural medicines + Modern Lab testing + Nutritional Science


The initial consultation

The initial consultation typically takes between one and two hours. During this time I take a full medical history, and there is plenty of opportunity to explore your symptoms and how they effect you.

During this consultation I aim to understand how all of the systems of the body are working together – an approach sometimes called Functional Medicine.

Problems in one part of the body can have profound effects on another, which is why just treating symptoms is often ineffective.

Identifying then supporting any physiological weaknesses can help fundamentally alter the progression of seemingly intractable conditions.

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Familiar medical examination techniques

If a physical examination is appropriate during the consultation I will use standard diagnostic techniques that you are probably familiar with, such as listening to heart or lungs with a stereoscope, taking blood pressure, feeling the abdomen, looking at skin rashes with a lens, and using an ophthalmoscope or otoscope to look in eyes or ears. None of these examinations are painful.

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Private laboratory testing
Diagnostic tests from some of the top labs in the world

In some cases deeper information is desirable, and I have access to the services of specialised laboratories that offer a very wide range of diagnostic tests. Some require a blood sample to be taken from a vein, which can be done via a local phlebotomy service (e.g. Superdrug, Chichester), while others require just a finger-prick blood sample, a urine or stool sample, or a simple cheek swab, all of which can be done in the privacy of your own home. Tests frequntly ordered for patients include:

Organic acid testing – a very useful diagnostic aid in identifying metabolic and microbial markers, vitamin status and oxalate levels.
Heavy metals – body burdens of toxic metals enabling stategies for detoxification.
Coeliac markers – a full panel of gluten reactivity markers (unlike the limited test offered by the NHS)
DNA profiling – for the ultimate in personalised medicine

Plus many others including – nutrient status, thyroid function, stool testing, allergy and autoimmune testing, homocysteine testing, etc.

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Herbal medicine

Herbal medicines can be extremely effective and have a very low incidence of side effects.

Medicinal herbs can be prepared as tinctures (liquids to be taken in a little water usually), hot teas, cold mascerations, creams, powders, either in capsules or free flowing, syrups or oils.

In this practice I do not use ready-made formulae but rather make up prescriptions from my extensive pharmacy for each patient individually. I will usually combine several herbs to achieve a desired effect depending on the case and stage of treatment. Prescriptions can be altered as progress takes place, to ensure effective treatment is achieved.

I stock about 300 herbal tinctures and concentrated fluid extracts, some 200 dried or powdered herbs, plus creams, ready filled or tailor-made capsules, herbal syrups and oils for the many applications they suit and I also stock plenty of essential oils which can be added to other preparations or used as themselves for a huge range of applications.

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Nutrition & dietary advice

Nutrition is fundemental to health. Yet foods are not simply ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ but rather they contain nutrients which alone or as part of a whole dietary pattern alter a host of physiological functions including metabolism, gut activity and gene expression. In many cases progress with health problems will be impossible or seriously limited unless appropriate dietary changes are undertaken.

I provide individual dietary advice based on each patient’s symptom pattern, medical history, lab results and even genetic testing and ensure that the rational behind my recommendations are fully explained and understood. Nutritional supplements and herbal medicines fit into this approach perfectly.

Generally speaking, the foundation of everyones’ diet should be fresh, unprocessed foods. Rediscovering traditional meals based around meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and full-fat dairy products has been liberating and exciting for many of my patients. Individual differences can be very influencial in planning a workable and enjoyable dietary pattern, so I pay close attention to my patients needs.

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Photo therapy

Phototherapy involves using light directed at the skin to stimulate positive physiological changes.

My clinic is equipped with a UVB narrowband light bank which stimulates vitamin D production. This is useful in patients that are deficient in vitamin D, which is especially important in the winter months and for patients with specific conditions or genetic types. It has a well acknowledge role in the treatment of psoriasis and osteoporosis, but there is much more to vitamin D than than commonly known.

I also have a portable red-light unit that is beneficial for stimulating wound healing, clearing acne, stimulating hair regrowth and improving skin strength and elasticity. Red light penetrates deep enough to benefit blood vessels so is useful for improving vein health too. Much of the research into red-light healing was undertaken by NASA

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