Lab testing

I have access to a number of world-class laboratories through which I can arrange specific tests when appropriate. Many of these are rarely available on the NHS, even though they are all part of orthodox medical science. There are many benefits to undertaking private laboratory testing:

  • Get the tests you want. You do not need to seek your GPs approval
  • No waiting. There are no NHS queues.
  • Your results are private – they don’t appear on your NHS records and you are not obliged to share them but if you wish to your doctors will recognise their validity

Some laboratories will send a test kit directly to the patient such that the sample required can be sent straight back to the lab in the specialist packaging provided. Examples are urine, stool, hair or saliva. Blood samples can be taken here at Rosemary Cottage Clinic as I am a trained in venipuncture and have a centrifuge for samples needing serum separation.

I have a good working relationship with my labs and have direct phone access to their biochemists who can provide me with their insights into the significance of any unusual results. I also attend the CPD lectures provided by certain labs and researchers ensuring that I keep abreast of progress in the field of sample analysis and clinical value. New and better testing methods of all sorts are being developed, some of which have revolutionised the accuracy and honing of treatment.

Please click on the articles below about the value of some of the tests that I find particularly relevant in my practice, and why.

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