Lab testing

I have access to a number of world-class laboratories through which I can arrange both standard and specialist tests. Many of these are not available on the NHS, even though they are all part of orthodox medical diagnostics. There are many benefits of private laboratory testing:

  • A wider range of tests that can help get to the bottom of your condition.
  • Get the tests you want, without having to seek your GP’s approval.
  • No waiting, no NHS queues. Generally, results come back in a matter of days.
  • Confidentiality assured. Your test results are conveyed to you directly.

Some laboratories will send a test kit directly to the patient containing everything necessary for collecting the samples, along with secure packaging for sending back to the lab. For many tests, I have the kits ready to go in my clinic, saving time and allowing me to talk you through the contents and procedure.

Usually, you will be able to collect the required sample for yourself at home. This is generally the case where the test requires urine, stool, hair or saliva samples. In the case of blood tests, where a blood draw is necessary, the services of a local phlobotomist will be required.

Although I am a trained, insured phlebotomist, recent changes to legislation
mean I am not licensed to take blood for any tests I provide for my patients.
When tests require a blood draw, therefore, patients will need to take the kit I supply
to a local phlebotomist (e.g. Superdrug, Chichester) to have their blood drawn.

I have a good working relationship with my labs and have direct phone access to their biochemists. I also attend the CPD lectures provided by certain labs and researchers ensuring that I keep abreast of progress in the field.

Please scroll down to read about some of the tests that I find particularly relevant in my practice, and why.

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