JULY 2018 MEGA News Round-Up

Read Time: 6 min Our bumper-fun summer edition is packed with nutrition and health news, from the diet of Otzi the Iceman to titanium dioxide being implicated in type 2 diabetes. What are you waiting for? Start your summer reading now!

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Red light phototherapy (2/3): Brain, Muscles and Eyes

Read Time: 8 min Red light stimulates mitochondrial function. We look at the accumulating evidence that phototherapy can improve brain function in Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s. Plus red light enhances muscle endurance and a has major role in eye health.

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Dr Malcolm Kendrick – Autumn Seminar – Tickets now available

Read Time: < 1 min . For our 2014 Autumn Seminar we are very pleased to present Dr Malcolm Kendrick, author, speaker and blogger, who will expose the myths and misunderstanding around cholesterol and …

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