Why no one should eat grains. Part 4: whole grains – the whole truth

Read Time: 11 min Grains dominate the world food supply, but have many negative health consequences independent of gluten related disorders. We consider their downsides and show that whole grains including oats do not live up to the ‘heart-healthy’ hype.

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January 2018 News Round-Up

Read Time: 4 min Paleo for weight loss, eggs for mums to be. Breakthrough research seems to show the heart loves vitamin D. Broccoli-yogurt for cancer, it really is a thing. Sardine-bread sounds tasty but I can’t make the last line rhyme. 🙁

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Cholesterol and CVD – putting the risks into perspective

Read Time: 11 min These six words — “Heart disease risk”, “raised cholesterol”, “Statins” — are guaranteed to strike fear into almost anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be …

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VIDEO: Harvard Scientist Supports U-Turn on Dietary Fats

Read Time: < 1 min It looks like 40 years of advice to limit fat consumption to less than 30% of calories has been quietly retired! A Harvard scientist explains why it’s a good move.

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Dr Malcolm Kendrick – Autumn Seminar – Tickets now available

Read Time: < 1 min . For our 2014 Autumn Seminar we are very pleased to present Dr Malcolm Kendrick, author, speaker and blogger, who will expose the myths and misunderstanding around cholesterol and …

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Public Talks – 2014 update

Read Time: < 1 min Glutens Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way, Chichester,PO19 7LG Fri 11th July, 7:30-10:00pm (doors open at 7:15)Cost: £6.00 inc tea/coffee This not-to-be-missed seminar on one of the hottest topics in nutrition …

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