Then and now — Debate Suppressed in UK Parliament — Thalidomide and Covid Vaccine

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Andrew Bridgen MP explains how discussion of the Thalidomide scandal was crushed in the House of Commons during the late 60’s and early 1970’s, despite overwhelming scientific evidence and public interest, leading to a decade delay in admitting to the tragedy. Mr Bridgen argues that the Government response then perfectly parallels the situation around Covid vaccine damage now.

“Pharmaceutical companies have a fiduciary duty to deliver profits for their shareholders. They have no… obligation to give… safe medication.”

Andrew Bridgen MP

I thought I knew about the Thalidomide story, but I learned a great deal from this 10 minute video. Well done Mr Bridgen.

5 thoughts on “Then and now — Debate Suppressed in UK Parliament — Thalidomide and Covid Vaccine”

  1. I listened to him yesterday ,he also flagged up the International Health regulations 2005 ammendments as has Dr. John Campbell and the WHO take over of our health . Andrew Bridgen MP paid a big price for this, his party ditched him.

  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you posting again!
    And of course, with such an important matter.
    The world has been mad in the last years! Panic and illogicality worldwide!

  3. Ana is right to point out the evil fog that has that has slithered in, around and over Parliament, the regulatory bodies and large companies. It happened so fast and our ability to fight back appears weak. Sorry to be negative. Global power is also shifting astonishingly fast to the east and south , there is hope for a farer world. Thank you Afifah

    • Indeed Freddy, corruption always lurks where big money is made, and the pharmaceutical industry has been given a very free hand, for decades. All the medical journals have been bought by them, and the editors know it. Please read our post called ‘Peer Review’ for a brief outline on this. And of course Ben Goldacre, author of the books ‘Bad Pharma’ and ‘Bad Science’ went into great depth about this corruption, so it is well understood, and has been for decades. Trouble is, every man has his price (apparently) and Goldacre has been conspicuous by his silence regarding the covid nonsense. It’s been very disappointing. But people have certainly had their eyes opened in the past few years, so I am hopeful that things will change.


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