I Was a Lifelong Vegetarian. I Decided to Taste What I Was Missing | Bon Appétit

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For decades, I never even considered meat to be food. Then I found myself in Argentina, surrounded by plates full of… wait, what are these?
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This is a wonderful article, poetic, insightful, humorous. My favourite quote:

There are things of the mind and things of the body, and food is somehow both. It’s an edible language, with its own grammar and local meanings, taught to us by our families. Like language, it’s processed sensually in our mouths.

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  1. “I slept soundly, without even a murmur from my stomach.” Even with a not adapted microbioma for meat not a murmur! We are really suppose to be meat eaters.

  2. I had a similar experience. All the resistance was in my mind, and my body made no objection whatsoever.
    Since all our ancestors ate meat it probably makes sense to consider Homo sapiens sapiens, an omnivorous species and not a herbivorous one.

  3. I read somewhere that there aren’t any known strictly vegetarian ancient cultures, but the opposite (carnivore) does happen (as the Inuits, for instance). Our “cousins” the gorillas have a much larger intestine to process all the vegetables. We resemble more like the carnivores in that field.

  4. The psychological thing is most true! I do remember hating butter and loving margarine. Isn’t that incredible?
    I hated cheese, bloody meat, fatty meat,…
    Now I love these things!
    My favorite food now is a fatty beef steak with melted butter and a good salad. Unthinkable 10 years ago! :-)


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