Dr Jason Fung on the corruption in medical science

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Well-known nephrologist and author Dr. Jason Fung is an orthodox medic who has become wary of scientific research that purports to be “evidence based.” Fung has spoken extensively about Type-2 diabetes reversal and the metabolic effects of intermittent fasting, but in this presentation (Dec. 2018), he focuses on the many ways that medical research and the system that flows from it has become corrupted.

This is worth watching all the way through! (49 minutes long), but here is a timeline of the talk if you are impatient!

  • 00:00 Financial conflict of interest
  • 03:20 Influence of alcohol industry
  • 05:00 Doctors receiving payments from industry
  • 06:00 How gifts affect doctors but they don’t realise it
  • 07:54 How free conferences affect prescribing
  • 09:20 The more prestigious a doctor the more money they are given by pharmaceutical companies
  • 10:50 Doctors advising the FDA receive $100,000’s of industry payouts
  • 11:50 Drs (like Malcolm Kendrick) who try and point out the corruption are being shut down
  • 12:30 Statin advice underpinned by corrupt science
  • 13:15 No effect when France stopped statins
  • 14:50 Fructose research corruption
  • 15:50 Sugar industry funding biases research
  • 18:25 7 ways the industry corrupts research
  • 19:45 Corruption of the medical journals
  • 20:20 Industry payments to journal editors – $100,000+
  • 20:38 Drug companies publishing drug reviews
  • 25:18 Reprint income
  • 26:35 Rosiglitazone — doctor bias
  • 27:20 Evidence based medicine is so corrupt as to be useless or harmful
  • 28:15 Publication bias — the bias in favour of antidepressants (28:15)
  • 30:20 Publication bias — Neurodegenerative disease
  • 31:00 Multiple publication of positive studies
  • 32:45 Selective publication of positive studies
  • 33:50 Changes in study bias pre and post 2000
  • 35:30 Bias in guidelines — PSA screening recommendations
  • 37:30 Bias in guidelines — antidepressants
  • 38:40 Bias affects the standard of practise
  • 39:05 Failure of clinical practice guidelines
  • 39:55 The current state of evidence based medicine
  • 42:00 The opioid crisis — “If you are in pain you can’t get addicted”
  • 42:50 Riding the Gravy Train leads to people dying
  • 43:45 We wouldn’t accept this if it were the police or judiciary that were accepting bribes. Why do we allow it from doctors?
  • 46:05 The solution — make the receipt of bribes illegal for doctors, like it is for teachers, judges and policemen

Excerpts from the video

  • 94% of doctors receive gifts from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • 95% of doctors think their judgement is unaffected by financial receipts from the industry.

The current state of evidence based medicine

  1. Selective Publication
  2. Rigged Outcomes
  3. Advertorials as ‘Best Practice’
  4. Reprint Revenues
  5. Bribery of Journal Editors
  6. Financial Conflicts of Interest

“You thought doctors taught at prestigious institutions for the good of mankind. That might have been why they went there in the first place, but they stayed for the money.”

Dr Jason Fung

“There’s a clear correlation: The more prestigious a doctor, the more money they’re getting from the pharmaceuticals.”

Dr Jason Fung

“We wouldn’t accept this if it were the police or judiciary that were taking bribes. Why do we accept it from doctors?.”

Dr Jason Fung
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