Bulb Fennel and Wensleydale Sheep’s Cheese

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✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Grain-free ✓Cow-dairy-free ✓Nut-free

This is a really quick and easy dish and it makes use of a vegetable that many people avoid for lack of familiarity: Bulb or Florence Fennel. This underrated vegetable has a mild aniseed flavour which combines well with the mild, creamy tang of sheep’s cheese used in this recipe.

Sheep’s dairy appears to be less allergenic for many of my patients. Several supermarkets now sell sheep’s Wensleydale cheese. Sainsbury’s Singleton or Parlick Fell is often the best value for money and is very versatile. The Wensleydale Creamery cheese in the photo is from Waitrose.

The dish goes well with fish, poultry, salads and BBQs. It is even nice cold the next day with cold meats for lunch.

Fennel has medicinal properties, being used herbally as a carminative for upset stomachs and as an aid to digestion and reducing wind. The seed is used for this purpose, as it is more potent, but the bulb has some of these same properties, and is one of the great low carb, i.e. low starch veg, that is full of flavour and suitable for those on a low carb diet or on a ketogenic diet.

Here is a handsome one I grew in our vegetable garden. Looks like it might emit music if played correctly!:

Florence Fennel is the bulbous base of cultivated fennel. it has the mildly aniseed flavour of fennel, but can be cooked as a vegetable.

Florence Fennel and Sheep’s Cheese Bake (serves 4 as a side dish)


  1. Chop the Fennel bulb into rough chunks or wedges.

2. Place in a saucepan of simmering water and boil for ten minutes with the lid on.

3. Drain off the water and place the fennel in an oven-proof dish and grate the cheese over the top.

That’s it! Two ingredients only. Fool proof!

4. Place in a preheated oven at 160 -180C (350F Gas mark 4) and bake for 15 minutes

5. Remove when the cheese has turned golden-brown over part of the dish.

6. Serve

What could be simpler?

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