How can a meat-only diet reverse chronic disease? Five Doctors share their insights

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In March 2019 the first ever Carnivore Conference was held at Boulder University, Colorado with a great list of speakers.


…a day of leading-edge talks on the science
of plant-free diets!

Although plant-based diets are being promoted with incautious zeal via actors, chefs, cookery shows etc (which all appear to be on message that meat is ‘bad for your health and bad for the planet’), some brave souls are turning that idea on its head and removing the plants whilst retaining the animal based foods. This has had remarkable effects for many of those who had either run out of other options, or just ‘given it a whirl’ for the fun of it.

And now that has become a movement which has garnered sufficient attention that the first Carnivore Conference has been held in which scientists (of various stripes) along with those saved by the diet, explore their findings so far, and the theories they are formulating to explain them. No doubt they have been stimulated by the recent surge in success stories coming from early adopters of what’s being called ‘the Carnivore Diet’. Whilst anecdotal claims about the incredible healing potential of a high-meat, no-plant diet are fascinating, I was excited to hear from the researchers and clinicians who are focused on explaining this phenomenon.

Fortunately, many of the talks from that conference are now available on YouTube enabling anyone to start to understand the clinical and nutritional rationale behind not only the extraordinary successes of this diet in diabetes and autoimmunity but also the science-changing implications.

Below are some of my favourite videos from the event…

Dr Paul Mason – one of Australia’s finest communicators.

This presentation covers a number of vital aspects of food reactivity and autoimmune processes, in a steady, easy to grasp way, that nevertheless takes us deeper into this tricky and complex area of medicine. Everyone will come away feeling better informed after watching Paul Mason.

Dr Shawn Baker, orthopaedic surgeon and world champion sprint rower has gained athletic prowess since going carnivore, which is unheard of in athletes over the age of 50, so he’s breaking even more records.

Dr Baker may have moved the carnivore diet forward more than any other individual, and is a prominent voice on Twitter and Instagram, and especially on his excellent site Meat Heals in which individuals present their own experience on a plant free diet. As you will appreciate, each one is unique, and really, really interesting.

George Diggs PhD gave a great talk on the chemical toxins in plants and their defensive properties (against us).

We previously posted a very well received article called The Chemical Warfare On Your Plate, which looked into the role of plant toxins in human health (good and bad). In the above talk, Dr Diggs goes further, explaining why removing plant toxins from the diet might be at the root of why so many seriously ill people regain their health when they eat only animal products.

Dr Clemens runs the only clinic using the PKD (paleo-keto-diet) i.e. zero plant diet, and here she shows some results. Very interesting!

Paleomedicina is a clinic in Budapest, Hungary treating people with autoimmune diseases, diabetes and arthritis. They claim to successfully treat these conditions with a Paleo-Ketogenic diet. In this video Dr Clemens explains how a high-meat and high-fat diet can restore immune integrity and not only treat, but cure these conventionally irreversible conditions.

Dr Georgia Ede, Psychiatrist, on why The Brain Needs Meat

Dr Ede’s talk at the Carnivore Conference was actually featured in Psychology Today, where she has many interesting articles on low-carb diets, as well as a good takedown of the Eat-Lancet study, which I recommend you read.

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