Netflix, 'The Paleo Way' – review

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A patient emailed me with an update on her progress (which is very good, you will be pleased to know) and mentioned a TV series that is showing now on Netflix, so I took a look at the first episode. Here are my thoughts…

The series is called The Paleo Way and involves the chef and TV presenter Pete Evans, interviewing and cooking with various luminaries who are proponents of the therapeutic benefits of a paleo diet (no grains, legumes, dairy, refined oils, sugar or processed foods).

For me it is like a visit to old friends, as I know them either personally, or through their work. Each has written one or more books on paleo health, cooking techniques and recipes – which I can recommend – and each in their own way has made a splash in the paleo movement.

In episode 1, I enjoyed seeing Natasha Campbell-McBride making fish stock, meat broth (very ‘nose-to-tail’ as Pete pointed out) and pate, very authentically, in her own kitchen, using her clearly well-loved and well-used equipment. Natasha, a neurologist and neurosurgeon, is the originator of the GAPS approach to treating neurological dysfunctions that manifest in conditions such as the autism spectrum, schizophrenia, dementia and more.

I found the style of Pete Evans very friendly, engaging, and attractive. He has the bluest of blue eyes, which he uses to somewhat overwhelm his guests and interviewees, but they appear to be happy to be seduced by his charm and enthusiasm. He has made this whole series on the basis of his obvious enthusiasm for the paleo approach to health, and has not been knocked back despite having received a lot of criticism for his ideas. When you see who made the criticisms, it is clear that they are all from the narrow-minded, old-hat, limited-approach school of health which has failed us so badly over the past 60 years.

The duration of the first episode was just right too. At under 20 minutes play time it was long enough to cover several different recipes and paleo health concepts without going on too long, and each of the four individuals with whom Pete engaged were different enough that it remained interesting to watch.

If you have a Netflix account, I think you will find The Paleo Way an entertaining and informative series to get into.

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