September 2018 News Round-Up

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This month

  • Culture Wars and Fake News
  • National Chocolate Week (coming soon)
  • Paleo, Keto, Low-Carb & Real Food News
  • Full Fat Dairy News
  • Odds and Ends
  • Autumn foods: Harvest, Foraging, Hunting

Culture Wars & Fake News

“Coconut oil is poison” story continues…

Last month we reported on the Harvard professor Dr Karin Michels who slammed coconut oil as “pure poison” and “one of the worst foods you can eat“, and on UK Dr Aseem Malhotra (above) who took them to task. In the latest development, Harvard has made a partial retraction and distanced itself from the comment, following demands from the Indian Agricultural department. (See FoodNavigatorAsia, Sep 26)

Undisclosed Big-Pharma money behind breast cancer research

“Dr. José Baselga, the chief medical officer of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the author of numerous scientific papers since 2013, has officially resigned his position at the highly acclaimed cancer treatment and research institution in New York City. His resignation comes amid surfacing reports that he neglected to disclose millions of dollar he has received from drug and healthcare companies.” (See Dr Axe, Sep 18)
Big Food’s Poisonous Propaganda – Robert Lustig

Many industries have marketed dangerous products to unsuspecting consumers, but no industry has provided more disinformation than the processed food industry. And no ingredient has fuelled more morbidity, mortality, and economic havoc than sugar. (See Project Syndicate, Sep 24) RECOMMENDED

Celebrate National Chocolate Week (Oct 15-21)

National Chocolate Week is just round the corner: October 15-21st. The evening Standard (Sep 19) previews Sanderson’s Hotel, London, who are offering a 4 course dinner based around chocolate. Sounds lush…

It will kick off with Orkney scallops, squid ink polenta, roast lemon purée and cocoa nibs, followed by Denham Estate venison, miso-glazed parsnips, cranberry gel, sprout tops and 100 per cent cacao.

Meanwhile, chocolate has been found to be a rich source of vitamin D, which forms in the cocoa beans during processing whilst they are exposed to the sun. (Being a plant, this is vitamin D2, which may not be as effective as the animal version, D3). Medical Express (Sep 26) AND Vitamin D supplements help obese children lose weight in recent study (MailOnline, Sep 28). Perhaps they should eat more chocolate then?… What?… No? OK.
But… “Chocolate, Red Wine, And Cheese Can Help You Live Longer” — New York Post, Sep 18 reports on a study that identified these foods among several, associated with low cardiovascular disease, due to their anti-inflammatory nature.
And… Three bars of (dark) chocolate per month can reduce risk of heart failure, study says (Evening Standard, Aug 28) How? Anti-inflammatory action and by reducing blood pressure study author suggests.
AND… (very chocolaty news this month)… Chocolate may help you sleep better, says study (The Asian, Sep 22)

Paleo, Keto, Low-Carb, Real Food News

Mediterranean foods including tomatoes and fresh fish on a black worktop with cutlery

Many papers this month reported that a “Mediterranean diet” can cut the risk of depression. Diet Doctor, (Sep 29) says it’s all down to eating “Real food” 

  • Paleo diet “Can Drastically Improve Your Skin”, according to Elle, Sep 24.

Carnivore Diet

As the media cottons on to the new carnivore diet movement, several articles dive into the controversy:


According to a new study published in the health journal The BMJ, the risk of children developing type 1 diabetes “increased proportionately” if their mothers ate a high-gluten diet during pregnancy.

The Telegraph, Sep 20

Paleo / Gluten-Free / Keto Recipes

  • 9 delicious gluten-free, low-carb alternatives to bread (RECIPE LINKS) iNews, Sep 25
  • Satisfy your inner caveman with 5 deliciously easy paleo-friendly recipes Today, Sep 28

Full-Fat Dairy News

Eating Cheese and Butter can prolong your life (study) – Stylist, Sep 15

Knee Osteoarthritis Risk Lowered by Higher Consumption of Full-Fat Dairy and Dutch Cheese (Speciality Medical Dialogues, Sep 27)

Ethical Dairy production: article by a Farmer who is trying to make dairy-farming more ethical by keeping calves with their mothers for longer: Sunday Post (Sep 15)

Odds and Ends

DDT pesticides linked to autism risk. (Medical News Today, Aug 16) But wasn’t DDT banned long ago?

We think of these chemicals in the past tense, relegated to a long-gone era of dangerous 20th century toxins. Unfortunately, they are still present in the environment and are in our blood and tissues.

Lead study author Dr. Alan S. Brown

Urinary Tract Infections are usually treated with antibiotics, which are often not only ineffective but also disrupt the ‘good’ bacteria too. Alternative practitioners like me use herbal medicine to reduce bacterial adhesion in the urinary tract – which is often very successful with none of the side effects. So I was pleased to see an article in Medical News Today (Sep 27) declaring that targeting adhesion molecules may be more effective than using antibiotics in UTIs!

Gut brain axis may be “Sixth Sense”: Great article looking at the link between the gut and mood, reporting on new evidence that the vagus nerve relays information almost instantly. (Medical News Today, Sep 22)

Autumn foods: Harvest, Foraging, Hunting

Get your senses tuned to the season. Time to hunt, gather, love.

Bone broth: A great winter-warmer… Nice little article in Sarasota (Sep 26)

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