August 2018 News Round-Up

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Super-Malhotra takes down Harvard claim. POW!

Following a stupid comment by a Harvard professor that “coconut oil is pure poison”, UK cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra (AKA Batman) fought back, demanding that the professor ‘Apologise, or you’ll send Harvard into disrepute’ (Daily Mail, Aug 31, video included)

Low-Carb, Paleo & Ketogenic diets

Lay off the grains! Coeliac disease diagnoses rise by 30% (Express, Aug 29)

around half a million people in the UK still living with undiagnosed coeliac disease.

The study also highlighted that one in four adults diagnosed with coeliac disease had previously been misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A High-Fat diet improves the effect of PI3K anti-cancer drug; study (National Cancer Institute, Aug 8)

“Low-carb diets could shorten life study suggests” (BBC, Aug 17)… Except… it was a rubbish study. Zoë Harcombe has a detailed rebuttal (, Aug 23 ). Oh and then Batman — I mean Dr Aseem Malhotra — appears again in iNews, Aug 17, and pulls no punches:

A few weeks ago a robust systematic review carried out by some leading independent researchers from the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration and an eminent Professor of diabetes revealed that when comparing all randomised trials of low fat versus low carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes, the latter was significantly more effective in the short term and marginally better in the long term for controlling blood glucose and improving all cardiovascular risk factors.   (KAPOW!)

A great article about the ketogenic diet for endurance cyclists can be found in this month’s Canadian Cycling Magazine (Aug 29)

Meat & Dairy

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Author of a Lancet study says: “our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity. This differs from current dietary advice.” (MSN, Aug 28) “When eaten alongside fruit, vegetables and fish, unprocessed animal products significantly lower a person’s risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack or premature death.” (Also, The Independent, Aug 30)

The British Heart Foundation (Aug 29) reluctantly agrees.

Diet Doctor (Aug 31) goes out on a limb and asks “Could an all-meat diet cure some diseases?”. Well, yes. I’ve seen it with my own eyes Doc.

Aug 17, Mens Health ask: “What Is The Carnivore Diet & Should You Try It?”

Cheese praise: NBC News, Aug 28 reports on a study that found “Cheese and yoghurt… protect against death from all-cause, and also against death from cerebrovascular causes, like stroke.”

Sleep Health

Meal timings; The Mail (Aug 30), reports that eating in tune with your body clock helps regulate weight.

Keep mealtimes within a ten-hour window to reduce obesity (Science Daily, Aug 31)

New Scientist (Aug 22) explains: One bad night’s sleep can make you put on fat and lose muscle mass

Headlines that say it all


A woman who claimed her dog had turned vegetarian was shown otherwise on live TV. (Inquisitr, Sep 1); Study moves ahead to feed cows seaweed in a bid to make them more climate-friendly. (Toronto Star, Sep 1)

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. It is as if you had been reading my thoughts. In fact, I had thought about sending a message regarding what you knew about it. I shall finish this and grab my coconut oil…

  2. I find these all or nothing diets extraordinary, the problem is that we really can’t know about diet until people live long enough to see the effects. Today’s healthy 90 year olds, of which there are many, all had a wartime ration diet in childhood. Most of them had never dieted, and one man I knew who was an extremely healthy 99 year old – vowed that olive oil each day had prevented arthritis – he was completely arthritis free.
    The way there has been a complete u turn regarding fats, seems to me to have discredited all these so called experts. but I don’t know who to believe anymore… but let me say one thing.
    Has anyone asked why the food in our supermarket shelves is making people ill? Why whole swathes of food groups are being excluded from our diet suddenly?
    It didn’t used to 70 years ago. Food intolerance has risen rapidly in the last few years – why?
    Instead of arguing about which diet to follow why don’t they take action against our food industry that puts profit before quality and health.
    I have extreme reaction to dairy, that I didn’t have ten years ago.. I don’t believe my body has changed that much, but I has left me terrified and wondering what on earth to eat.


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