Site update

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We’ve upgraded our WordPress blog to give it a more personal address and get rid of the pesky unsolicited ads that appeared after some posts.

1. New Site Address

Our web address (URL) will no longer appear in your browser as but from now on will read

The purpose of the name change is (a) to make the site look a bit more professional and (b) to link it more closely with Afifah’s clinic website Technically this blog is now a sub-domain of her clinic site which helps Google recognise the link between the two, and (c) to emphasise we are based in the UK.

2. No third party adverts

The second change is that third party adverts that were beyond our control will no longer appear at the end of posts. 🙂

Please bookmark our new URL and share it around!
But note: the old address will continue to work by simply redirect you to the new one automatically.

3. And…

We’re working on something else, but that’s not ready yet… ssh!

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