We've redecorated!

Last Updated on June 5, 2019 by Afifah Hamilton
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So, we took out our hexadecimal paint pots, rolled up our sleeves and after a day of messing about under the bonnet of the internet it’s done! Ta-da!

We have given the blog a makeover with a spanking new, up-to-date WordPress theme – called Tortuga – which replaces the dated Twenty Eleven theme we have been working with since we launched in 2012 (wow! six years of blogging).
One of the main reasons for the revamp was the realisation that people are increasingly reading our blog on mobile devices – in fact over 70% of our hits come from phones or tablets, and the old theme just didn’t pass muster on small screens. Our old-style header image, for example, was not only looking dated and overly fussy but when shrunk down on a phone screen it turned into a tiny and illegible smudge out of proportion with the article below it. The simple new header logo is much neater and looks good on any device I’m sure you will agree.

After checking hundreds of themes and styles this one stood out as being particularly clear and clean without creating any untoward effects. The front page provides just enough variety without being too busy. Also, the new typeface is larger and clearer which should make reading easier on the eye.
None of the content has changed, we still have over 250 articles and recipes for people interested in the low-carb, gluten-free and paleo ways of eating. Hopefully, you will find your way around and perhaps even discover some content you previously missed.

There might be some glitches or things that need improving for clarity, so please let us know if you spot anything amiss.

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Here’s a screen shot of the old front page for reference:

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