Listen again – Tim Noakes LCHF running on BBC Food Programme

Last Updated on June 5, 2019 by Afifah Hamilton
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In case you missed it, Tim Noakes, the controversial South African professor who promotes a low carb high fat diet for running, was the subject of last Sunday’s Food Programme on BBC Radio 4. They give him a lot of air time and it’s great to hear him explain how he came to his realisation that everyth8ng he was taught in medical school about food and athletics was wrong, and how a low carb carnivorous diet gave him back the heath of his youth.

You can listen again here on the BBC iPlayer.

If you can’t get use iPlayer (or like me refuse to sign in to the BBC on principle) there will be a Podcast at some point. I will post the link below once it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Listen again – Tim Noakes LCHF running on BBC Food Programme”

  1. Thank you for sharing – fascinating stuff!
    I’m still confused where I stand because of my DNA. I am eating meat WITHOUT the fat, have semi skimmed milk and low carbs. But felt much better on the coconut oil, high fat diet with more energy and lost more weight. I also ate less chocolate which I now crave. And have put back the weight.
    Suzie x


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