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Following our popular post Jordan Peterson on Diet and Health (7018 hits at time of posting!) I am pleased to bring you another section of a recent interview where Dr Peterson goes into more detail about the low-carb paleo diet he and his daughter have adopted to reverse their autoimmune conditions.
The clip is an excerpt from a much longer show, but covers the section where he begins talking about his illness and the diet that fixed it

Mikhaila Peterson

In that Joe Rogan video Prof Jordan Peterson mentions his daughter, Mikhaila’s blog, Don’t Eat That in which she explains how she reversed her autoimmune arthritis, and other undefined illness, by cutting out the foods she was reacting to, and is currently on a zero carb diet.
Below is an excerpt from one of her posts in which she reflects on how much healthier she is now compared to a few years back before she worked out the diet.

I suggest you go and read her blog, but even more than that, I suggest you listen to absolutely everything Jordan Peterson has ever said, not just on diet. Maybe you caught the interview he did on Channel 4 when one of their ideological interviewers had their bubble burst. If not, seek it out. You are in for a rare treat!

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  1. Thanks for flagging this up Fred. I’ll try to find a copy, but if I can’t I’ll take the post down. Thanks again! [edit, found a copy. There, that works again!]


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