Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings

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✓Gluten-free ✓Grain-free ✓FODMAP-free ✓Dairy-free-option
Can you believe your eyes? Gorgeous golden Yorkies without a grain in sight! These little babies were made with eggs and arrowroot. Arrowroot – a favourite of Victorian cooks – is a purified starch extracted from the rhizomatous root of the maranta plant. As such it contains no grain proteins, gluten or fodmaps so is unlikely to cause reactions among people with immune disorders, coeliacs or digestive complaints, though being pretty much pure starch, it does turn into glucose rapidly. Here, however, you are really only having a very small dose, so, if your health will cope, this is a great li’l treat.
INGREDIENTS for 5 small or 3 medium Yorkshire puddings

  • 1 medium egg
  • 22g arrow root
  • 1 fluid oz milk (cow, goat or a dairy-free version)
  • 1 tsp rapeseed oil
  • a pinch of salt
  • fat for the tin (lard, ghee or coconut oil)

Preheat your oven to (200°C / 400°F).
Beat together the egg, arrowroot, milk, salt and oil to make a thin batter. Beat out any lumps.
Place a small dollop (1/2 teaspoon) of lard, or other fat, in each cup of your muffin tin and place in the hot oven for 5 to 10 minutes until the oil is starting to smoke.
The secret of success with the next step is speed and maintaining heat…
When everything is ready remove the hot tin, closing the oven door to maintain temperature. Then promptly divide your batter between muffin forms. It will rise almost instantly. Work quickly and get it back in the oven as soon as possible.
Bake for 15 minutes or a little longer if you like them crispy.
When done they should look like this:

I served these with a variation on moussaka with green beans and home grown Brussels sprouts.

The moussaka (for want of a better name) was based on a left over lamb mince dish from a couple of nights before (lamb mince with carrots, onions, celery and passata cooked in bone broth).
I placed it in a baking dish and topped it with a creamy sauce made by beating together 1/4 pot of humus, 1 egg, 3 tbsp sheep’s yogurt and 100g grated sheep’s cheese (Parlick Fell). I grated some more cheese over the top before baking to give a nice browned crust.
Yes! It was a fab as it looks!

3 thoughts on “Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings”

  1. These look wonderful except for the rapeseed oil! I will try these but use something that is not an industrial seed oil. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Hi Prin. Quite agree about the industrial oils. I have made these with lard and dripping – they work well too. When we use rapeseed it’s only ever cold pressed EV rapeseed oil which has similar levels of polyphenols as EV olive oil. In many studies it produces the same benefits as EV olive oil but has the benefit of being locally produced. Have fun with the recipe!

  2. Tried these yesterday, after a few failed attempts at other Keto yorkies. I substituted rapeseed oil for avocado oil and they’d came our great! My new go-to recipe! Thank you for posting it.


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