October 2017 News Round-Up

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Sleep and Health

With a return to GMT we all get to sleep in an extra hour, but the disruption to our circadian rhythm can have unexpected effects. The Telegraph covers five such [Oct 27th].
Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Researchers from King’s college, London, found that people who slept less than seven hours a night were likely to consume an extra 385 calories the next day. [Daily Mail, Oct 24th]
Lack of sleep may be a contributing factor in the development of Alzheimer’s [New Scientist, Oct 11th]
Afternoon heart surgery is ‘50% more successful’ as body clock makes heart muscle more able to deal with trauma later in the day. [Daily Mail, Oct 27th]
Finally, differences in sunrise from east to west may be linked to higher rates of breast cancer in the western side of each time zone. [The Conversation, Oct 20th]


In the largest study of its kind, a team of experts led by Newcastle University has found that organic milk and meat contain 50% more beneficial omega-3 fats than conventional produce [Health Minute, Oct 25th]


Almonds. Good for you. Says so here: [LiveScience, Oct 19th] Plus, Men’s Fitness [Oct 10th] report on a study showing that nuts help keep weight off.
Older people are eating too little protein and the daily requirement for this age group should be increased [Professor Health, Oct 20th] In an attempt to help this problem food scientists have developed a range of bread, yoghurt, spaghetti, ice cream and chocolates “enriched” with ground-up beef (!) [The Times, Oct 23rd]

Low-Carb Diets

Blooming obvious, and I’ve been saying it for years, but (deep breath…) A low carb diet can help manage diabetes. (Surprised scientists at London Met’s school of Human Sciences) [Knowridge Oct 23rd]
The 5 continent PURE study which included over 135,000 individuals tracked for 7.5 years found a high-carb diet was significantly less healthy than a diet high in fat. Neither total fat nor saturated fat were associated with heart disease. Read an in-depth review at Diabetes.co.uk [Oct 5th].

Vegan News

Vegan diets frequently lack important nutrients. [Health Minute, Oct 24th] leading the Finnish researchers to say “vegans need to get nutritional guidance”
The Angry Chef is worried that young vegan bloggers oversimplify what it takes to be a healthy vegan [Tree Hugger, Oct 4th}

modern veganism, as portrayed by trendy, photogenic millennial food bloggers, is more about virtue-signalling than it is about true health or welfare concerns

RoundUp Round-Up

With the EU poised to ban the herbicide US researchers report that glyphosate exposure is on the rise with urine levels at an all time high. Study authors note potential harm from chronic exposure [MedPageToday, Oct 25th]


Vitamin K and D together help knee osteoarthritis arthritis [MedPageToday, Oct 25th] whereas vitamin D alone showed no benefit.
In separate news, lack of vitamin D in childhood seems to increase the risk of type 1 diabetes, whilst mum’s vitamin D during pregnancy appears to reduce the chance of asthma in her child. Both at Daily Mail [Oct 24th]

A2 Milk Study

A new study shows that A2 milk eases or eliminated symptoms in dairy intolerant individuals. [Rural News Group, Nov 1st] – Those of you who attended our Diet and Health event on Milk and Dairy will remember we had a presentation from the A2 Milk Company.

Gluten-Free Diet

Holiday travel when you are coeliac can be a culinary nightmare. So its interesting to discover that Italy – home of pasta and pizza – is one of the most understanding and accommodating when it comes to a gluten-free diet. [Telegraph, Oct 24th]

Bone Broth

A bunch of articles as the craze for Bone Broth bubbles on…

  • Four health benefits of Bone Broth [Healthyway, Oct 20th]
  • A kickstarter project aims to make a bone broth ‘kettle’ to speed up the process. I’m sceptical. See what you think [Food&Wine, Oct 6th]
  • A chef talks about how broths stopped him going insane, and what makes a good broth [Munchies, Oct 22nd]
  • Bone Broth Braised Short Ribs – RECIPE [Dr Axe, Oct 28th]


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  1. I am a Piscatarian – I eat fish and mostly vegetarian diet, but I am not vegan – I can understand how difficult it must be to get enough nutrients. I also wonder, why so much vegetarian food is created and shaped to look like meat! lol


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