Goat's cream is back!

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It’s two months since Ocado and Waitrose suddenly dropped St Helen’s Farm Goat’s Cream from their line. This was desperate for my family and patients who react to cow’s dairy and rely on goat and sheep products. This is the only cream available in the UK and my family purchased six or more pots per week. It is a perfect substitute for double cream, whips beautifully, and is great in coffee, on fruit and in cooking. We love it!
When we enquired why they had stopped stocking it we were told it was not making enough money! So why not put up the price? We would have paid it?
We approached St Helens Farm direct, but they had a minimum order of £1000. We seriously considered it for a few moments, but decided that after whipping all those pots of cream that they would need a super sized freezer to keep it in. So instead we wrote begging letters to Waitrose and Ocado.
and… it worked!… It’s back! The first pots are being tucked into now by my very relieved daughter. I’m off to Waitrose to buy a half dozen pots tomorrow.
If the shelves are empty then I might regret having put this post out tonight!

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