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This is a charming and quite unique shop that I stumbled upon recently in Hastings Old Town – and a great example of creative enterprise. The building is nearly 200 years old, having been built entirely of timber as a soda bottling warehouse. In 2008 it was purchased by the current owners who set about lovingly restoring it, removing decades of inappropriate modernising, stripping it back to the original timber structure whilst installing period pieces: reclaimed radiators, sanitary ware and Victorian pine match-boarding.

The shop sells all manner of household items: practical, basic, original and curious. This Aladins cave provided my family with a good half an hour of fascinated browsing, which could have gone on far longer if closing time had not descended upon us, but we came away with several strangely exciting purchases.

One of the stand out features of the shop is the panoply of different brushes hanging from the ceilings, jutting from cabinets and hung neatly on racks: feather dusters, bottle brushes, brooms, pot scrubbers, back scratchers, conical, spirallic and even a double headed brush specifically for computers: one side for dusting the screen and the other for the keyboard.

I was so impressed with the computer brush I bought one (above) and it does the job really well. the fluffier, longer side being kind to the screen and the brisker, shorter side, removing those pesky specs of ? from between the keys. Not cheap but I know it will be used on an almost daily basis, and I don’t think it will ‘go wrong’. Yes, it is all natural. The shop carries nothing made of plastic at all, and I think I could feel that as I stepped in!

Here are the scissors I bought. I have been needing some really good kitchen scissors, especially for dealing with poultry, and these have proved better than any scissors I have used before.

I hope you enjoy drinking in the photos below, and put this shop on your ‘places to visit’ list. The shop’s website details are at the end, and some of the other services they offer will surprise you…

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A G Hendy and Co have their own great website for further exploration where I discovered they offer far more than was evident during my visit:

  • Accommodation with box beds, tin baths, no wifi or TV.
  • Courses in cooking and photography
  • Restaurant, with home cooked local food (fresh Hastings fish)
  • An online shop where you can purchase some of their wares

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