Vaxxed – the film, coming to a venue near me!

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Last year a film was made about some of the troublesome issues around vaccination that most people are not aware of, and the film is now going to be shown in Bosham, near Chichester, at the end of this week.
No doubt you are all aware that a vigorous debate has been going on for decades about the pros and cons of vaccines in general and the way vaccines are promoted in particular. We all hear the mantras about them being ‘safe and effective’ through all the main media outlets, and yet concerns remain.
I have not seen this film yet but intend to be there and encourage others to come too. Let’s hear some of the issues discussed, exposed or disputed by those who were so exercised about the subject that they went to the trouble of making a film about it. It was due to be premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in March 2016, but apparently pressure was successfully applied to have it withdrawn, nevertheless the cat is now out of the bag, and has made its way to West Sussex!
Being an advocate of free speech and open sharing of ideas, challenging or otherwise, and being a scientist who believes in following the evidence where it leads, without ideological interference, I would like to invite you to come with an open mind and find out what the ‘other side’ are saying. I doubt very much if their opinions would be permitted on the usual opinion providers, so it is good to support those brave enough to speak out against the ‘thought police’.

Date: Friday May 5th 2017

Venue: Hamblin Trust, Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham, Chichester, PO18 8PJ

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: Donations appreciated for hire of film and venue. Suggested £5 per head.

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