The idea behind our short posts

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profile-afifahWhen I started this blog a few year’s back I had intended to write fairly informally about my clinical experience and share interesting medical and nutrition studies I was reading.
In the event together with my husband Keir, we ended up writing more detailed and highly referenced articles to really get to grips with the research on each topic. Those articles form the backbone of our work on this blog, and will continue to do so, but they are labor intensive, requiring hundreds of hours of research, reading, writing and reviewing. Consequently our shorter posts haven’t been seeing the light of day – not for lack of material, but because they often don’t fit into a particular category, or because they are more of an opinion piece or an aside.
We think that’s a bit of a loss, so we are going to start posting more short pieces. These might include commentaries on a previous article, reflections on a paper or news article, a rant to let off steam, or a photo of a meal that we think might inspire you but might not deserve to be posted in our recipes section. We’ll give these short posts a separate section on the front page (tagged ‘Short’) so you can identify them seperately from our more substantial articles (tagged ‘Article’).
Whether these prove to be of interest is down to you guys. We love it when you leave a like or a comment!

4 thoughts on “The idea behind our short posts”

  1. Short posts are a wonderful idea- it’s ok to say it’s a feeling or an idea without hours of research- just offer links so we can choose to explore a topic of interest. Blogging is supposed to be fun not a university paper! Rant away it allows us to see that we all share a human experience. It’s why I read blogs – mostly it’s a spin free zone!


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