The Waterside Ape on BBC Radio 4

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In case you missed it, this is an excellent introduction to the controversial theory that humans evolved in riverside / shoreline environments. Two programmes include contributions from Stephen Cunnane. RECOMMENDED.

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  1. One interesting point was the lack of nutrients in meat from land animals during the dry season, and the people turned to eating catfish to get the fats, where most of the nutrients are. I presume that applies today, and that most of the nutrients are in the fats, so eating lean meat is not the best route to health. A recently published book with a chapter by Dr. Kendrick is “Fat and Cholesterol Don’t Causr Heart Attacks” is worth a read for the fatphobic. (

  2. Thanks, David Attenborough. For an update of the littoral theory, google “coasal dispersal of Pleistocene Homo 2018 biology vs anthropocentrism”.


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