Call for reviews and testimonials

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This is how your testimonial will look on my site. (though hopefully not in latin!)

I am currently revamping my ten year old business website (, and I would really like to add some testimonials.

If you have benefited from my treatment, talks, lectures or just from an article on my blog in whatever way, please consider sending in a review, comment or testimonial using the form below, or alternatively email me directly.

It would be really helpful if I could use your full name, but if you don’t want me to I will stick with initials. Please include any relevant professional title or letters with your name (e.g. Dr, PhD, FRCGT, SRN etc). Similarly if you don’t mind sharing your location, either a town, county or country please add that too.

I’m not looking for gushing praise, nor anything very long, just an honest reflection on your experience. I won’t edit your testimonial, so it will appear just as you write it.

Thanks in advance,
Afifah x


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