Goodwood Wins Cheese Award

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Goodwood’s Charlton Farmhouse cheese is made from the milk from their pasture raised dairy shorthorn cows and it is easily my all-time favorite cheese. This is the one I increasingly reach for at breakfast, lunch, or after dinner – delicious on its own, with a tomato, pickled onion or apple slice. In fact in the last few months I have stopped buying any other cheese as my appreciation of Charlton has grown.

I was, therefore, extremely pleased to see that this excellent product has just won the Best Organic Cheese 2015 award at the British Cheese Awards, gaining a Gold medal in the Mature Cheddar category, which is particularly notable as it is the largest and most competitive category in the whole event. We at Rosemary Cottage Clinic wish to congratulate Goodwood on this achievement, and heartily recommend this cheese to all our readers! (Please note, this is made from cow’s milk, so is not suitable for those who need to avoid cow’s milk products and stick to goat’s instead, unfortunately.)

(See all the 2015 British Cheese Award winners here)


I find most commercial cheddars, although perfectly good for grating and cooking, to be less than optimal for straight eating. They are often too cloying on the palate, rather rubbery in texture and can have an off-putting acidic tang. Because of these disappointments I had shifted to Wensleydale for the cheese board, reserving cheddars for cooking and grating over hot vegetable dishes.

Charlton, however, is excellent both for cooking and nibbling. It has a slightly crumbly texture, does not stick to the roof of the mouth, and has a really good flavor without undue acidity. I am not surprised in the least that it received a gold medal accolade!

What’s more, if you are a Goodwood raw-milk customer you can purchase Charlton at the wholesale price of just £10 per kilo when you visit the farm to collect your milk, making this not only the tastiest cheese you will find but the best value for money too.

And please don’t worry about the amount of this that you are drawn to consume, as  Charlton is high in heart-healthy dairy fats. Yes, heart healthy. Scientists are increasingly recognising that consumption of full-fat dairy, especially fermented products like hard cheeses, are inversely associated with cardiovascular disease, i.e. eating more cheese is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular events. In addition to that heart warming fact you will be pleased to know that good cheeses, especially those from grass fed herds, are good sources of that essential and frequently overlooked nutrient, vitamin K2 (in the form of menaquinone 7) which is now known to enable calcium in foods to be deposited in the correct tissues, i.e. the bones, rather than the soft tissues such as arteries where it causes huge problems. So be of good cheer, Charlton Farmhouse cheese is here (well, it’s at Goodwood) and now everyone knows just how wonderful it is.

Healthy, delicious, award-winning and great value for money – what’s not to like? (No, we have not been paid to write this post, it is our true opinion).

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