Seafood, Sex and Evolution (3 videos)

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This talk was originally given at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Chichester, West Sussex, England on Saturday 18th July 2015. A live audio recording of the event has been combined with the original presentation slides to create the videos below. A few additional slides have been included for clarity or to illustrate answers to audience questions.

We explore the role of seafood in evolutionary and contemporary health. Groundbreaking research is presented in a clear, accessible and entertaining manner. Ideas covered include:

  • The intimate role of fish and shellfish in human evolution
  • How key nutrients needed for brain development are found in seafood
  • How to choose seafood to maximise the health benefits and avoid contaminants
  • How human female curvaceousness and baby fat are unique in the animal kingdom and the remarkable link between these and seafood

[Credits: Music "Equinox", courtesy of longzijun]

Feedback from attendees at the original talk

Hi Afifah and Keir,
Thank you very much for another spellbinding talk!  I learnt so much – literally food for thought.  Thanks for all the effort you put into the research and presentation.
– Rhiannon
Dear Afifah,
I wanted to thank you and your partner for giving such an interesting talk about seafood on Saturday. I particularly liked the way you combined the history of human evolution with the biochemistry.
– David
Dear Afifah and Keir,
What an enlightening evening ! We always learn so much at your talks. I love the thoroughness of your research and the way your conclusions are so irresistably feasible!! I concentrated on every fact ( but can’t remember all if it now! ). It was great and really makes you think- which I like very much …
Must do the squid ‘pasta’ again. Also inspired by the recipes on your blog and must do the salmon and mushroom one.
– Jane and Michael
Hi Afifah and Keir,
Many congratulations on your talk last Saturday – you certainly excelled yourselves and my 5 pages of notes are testimony to that!!
– Bill

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8 thoughts on “Seafood, Sex and Evolution (3 videos)”

  1. Hi Afifah & Keir, really enjoyed your talk on Seafood it was very interesting and I learnt a lot. Went out and bought ‘Wild Salmon’ this week and what a difference. It was lovely and much better that the farmed salmon, in fact there was no comparison and all for £1 extra in cost. Well worth it!

  2. Well Afifah that was so good. Not sure how long my synoptic gaps will allow me to remember it all but as Larry is watching too on his laptop right now, you can be sure of more fish in his diet (not always his 1st choice) as well as mine from now.

    Well done and thank you for sharing it all.


    • Thanks for your comment Alwyn, it certainly makes sense to increase your fish intake now that you know which ones to select and which to avoid. Please do pass this information on to others, in particular to young women who will certainly want to know how to eat before, during and after starting their families. Young men too! We didn’t cover it but it’s bound to be significant for them too. I hope you two are well. All the best – Afifah

  3. Thank you so much Afifah and Keir for making this talk available for those unable to attend the lecture due to geographical limitations. Absorbing as always and listening whilst making your delicious paleo bread at the same time. 🙂

  4. I would love to reblog this but alas the way it is set up only allows me to reblog on my French site and I post nothing else there but things in France. I have two other blogs but this does not allow me that option. 🙁

    • You may be able to copy and paste the page content into one of your blogs. If that does not work, there is probably a way of adding youtube videos in your posts (check your blog platform help pages*) so open each of our videos in youtube then copy the link and paste that into your post.
      * I assume those other blogs are not WordPress?


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