Upcoming one day conference: B12 & Thyroid Disease – May 16th

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B12_conferenceI am attending this important conference and would encourage all of my readers to learn about vitamin B12, what its roles are in health maintenance, the effects of deficiency of B12 and how it can come about.


I had a small part in helping this conference come together. The organiser, Tracey Witty, contacted me to ask if I could put her in contact with someone who was able to explain the genetics side of B12 deficiency. Sure I could: You see, in January I attended a training course on genetic testing and interpretation lead by Dr Umahro Cadogan. He is not only a great speaker with a wealth of knowledge about genetics but is also a chef and brilliant nutritionist. And he is funny, friendly and fit! So take this rare opportunity to come to hear Dr Cadogan of Western States University speak on the cutting edge of this vital area of clinical science.

I also put Tracey in touch with the wonderful Malcolm Kendrick, who I hosted at our Autumn Seminar here in Chichester last October (and you can watch the video of that event here). Kendrick’s new book “Doctoring Data” is about why so much of the data that doctors rely on is inaccurate or inadequate – and helps explain some of the difficulties patients and independent experts such as Sally Pacholok and Lorraine Cleaver – the other panelists – experienced trying to bring the B12 issue to light .

Unfortunately B12 deficiency is frequently missed until serious problems have set in, i.e. when actual pernicious anaemia has developed. Most doctors are not taught to properly understand B12 or its many physiological roles – a weakness of my original training too – and we were certainly not taught anything about the common genetic abnormalities that make certain individuals at much higher risk of B12 related problems. Since my training with Umahro Cadogan I am now able to offer genetic testing to my patients. Such information cannot be obtained by any other means, so it really is a tremendous boon in my practice, enabling specific nutritional recommendations to be made.

Sally Patcholok, another speaker at this conference, deserves our admiration, as she fought tirelessly for patients who were being woefully let down by their medical practitioners. She has had a movie made about her now, and is being called the next Erin Brockovich no less! You can watch the film trailer and get a lot of other good information about B12 on her site b12awareness.org

Is this conference for you? Here is a poster from the organiser Tracey Witty which might help you decide:




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