February News Round-Up

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featured_news_papersThis week the Daily Mail reports on the rising popularity of bone broth during New York Fashion Week.

Earlier this month many papers, including The Guardian, ran articles on Zoe Harcombe’s study showing that national fat guidelines introduced 30 years ago “lacked solid scientific evidence“. You can listen to Zoe being interviewed about her team’s study in this BMJ’s Open Heart podcast.

Meanwhile, the New York Times notes that the new Dietary Guidelines for America have shifted somewhat due to ‘better science’. The influential guidelines now say that dietary cholesterol is OK. Coffee and eggs get the thumbs up, but sugary drinks ‘should be reduced’. Whilst limits on saturated fat remain unchanged, fat in general is now OK, and the recommended upper limits on salt have been raised a little too. A step in the right direction we think.

New Scientist tells us that the new NICE guidelines on sun exposure at last recognise the benefits of sunshine: “the authors conclude that as long as people don’t get sunburned, we should be actively trying to soak up the rays”.

Finally, The Telegraph has a nice little piece on the rise in popularity of the Paleo Diet.

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  1. Hi Afifah
    Thanks for putting in the time to find these gems for us – particularly PastPresentPaleo. I am looking forward to disappearing down that rabbit hole for a few hours reading of past posts and maybe going along to one of the Hay on Wye Meatups. It would be fun to geek out with some fellow paleoistas. Having been Paleo since 2009 I have grown wary of engaging in discussions on the subject with those on conventional diets, and lifeways. I don’t think I have changed anyone’s mind except perhaps to reduce the fear of butter! The USDA’s consultative pushback on dietary cholesterol should help. Again thanks….it’s late and I’m off to bed now. Fred


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