A pretty amazing food just got a whole lot prettier

Last Updated on July 10, 2023 by Keir Watson
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Wow! Our local organic egg farm has just started offering these beautiful multi-coloured hens eggs! They are all wet because I’ve just washed them, making them look all the more like polished gems. The blue and green are slightly speckled – really special – I didn’t know hen’s eggs came in such shades, did you?

They’re such a feast for the eyes and tasty as ever, so I make no excuse for simply sharing some pretty pictures with you…

(There’s a good deal of nutritional research about eggs – but that will have to wait until I’ve got time to collate it!)

If you live in West Sussex, you can get hold of these beauties too, just pop over to Rookery Farm, on the A259 just outside Felpham, where you can purchase them direct from the farm shop.

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