Can’t wait for these easy-peasy fermentation jars to be available!

Last Updated on June 3, 2019 by Afifah Hamilton
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Kickstarter company offers a new and easy way to make your own lacto-fermented vegetables

As many of you will know I recommend fermented vegetables for their health benefits, tangy deliciousness and as great way to preserve a glut of summer vegetables. One of our early Food and Health Group talks was all about the place of fermented foods, and I have previously posted about some of our attempts at making our own fermented vegetables and beverages, including Kombucha.

One of the problems with home-fermented vegetables is that they can be a bit hit-and-miss. The veg must stay beneath the brine, so its anaerobic, and you need to keep air-born bacteria and yeasts out, yet you can’t just seal it with an air tight lid, otherwise the carbon dioxide from the fermentation builds up and the jar can explode!

So it is exciting to discover that a kickstarter companyhas come up with a simple and small-scale solution to really help with home fermentation called ‘Kraut-Source’. The stainless steel fittings attach to standard mason jars (eek! will they fit UK jars??) and solve the problem of holding the veg down with a sprung plunger. A special screw-down lid creates a moat, which combined with the domed cap forms a perfect air-tight water trap. All the bits can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Their ideas were crowd-funded and so successfully, that they exceeded their original target of $35,000 raising $184,000!

Initial production has sold out, but if like me you would want to get you hands on some the next run, you can sign up at their website here, to be kept in the loop.

In the meantime here is their kickstarter video which explains what the Kraut Source is all about:

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