Low-Carb Chips

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Low carb chips can be made from low carb root vegetables. Our favourites, and the lowest carb variety, are made from turnip or swede (rutabaga*). They add that ‘french-fries’ colour and texture to a meal – and whilst not as crisp as potato chips, they have a delicious flavour all of their own.

Here is a comparison of the carb content of raw veg suitable for chips:

Carbohydrates per 100g raw vegetable
Sweet potato21.3 g
Potato17.2 g
Swede5.0 g
Turnip5.0 g
Celeriac2.2 g
Carrot7.7 g

Recipe: Low-Carb Chips (4 portions)

Swede, medium (600g) or large turnip
Ghee (lard/dripping/goose fat etc)

Pre-heat the fat in a baking tray at 180°. Peel, then cut the swede into chips. Add these to the hot fat, turning so that the chips are coated all over. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Return to the oven and bake for 30 – 40 minutes until golden.

An interesting variation is curried chips: simply replace the seasoning with curry spices of your choice. We find these work well stir fried instead of oven baked.

Estimated Macronutrients, per person
P: trace  C: 8g  F: 7g

*Rutabaga is the US name for what we Brits call swede. It appears in this folk song which we first learned from ‘Animal Folk Songs for Children’ by Barbara, Peggy, Mike and Penny Seeger:

Oh, John rabbit, (yes ma’em)
You got a mighty bad habit (yes ma’em)
Jumpin’ in my Garden (yes ma’em)
Cuttin’ down my cabbage (yes ma’em)
My green tomata’ (yes ma’em)
My rutabaga (yes ma’em)
And if I live (yes ma’em)
For to see next fall (yes ma’em)
Well I ain’t gonna have (yes ma’em)
No garden at all! (no ma’em)

 – Traditional

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