Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

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I came across this neat little report on the ketogenic diet in cancer about a year ago, but it has just cropped up again so I thought I would put it on my blog (as well as a couple of other videos below) It’s a little over-simplified, and might give the impression that eating a ketogenic diet is a guaranteed cure for cancer, which it’s not. That said it is one of the most promising dietary approaches for cancer, and with almost no side effects who wouldn’t give it a go?

There are currently several research groups pursuing the study of ketogenic diet and cancer (e.g. Seyfried, D’Agostino, Sinatra, Fine, Fienman), theoretically and with significant success in animal models, but as yet no trials in humans. One of the most promising aspects of their work is that ketosis appears to significantly enhance the effectiveness of some other cancer therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen or 2-deoxyglucose.

I plan to do a public talk on the current research in his area sometime later this year. Sign up in the sidebar under my public talks notification to receive email alerts about my talks!

For those of us currently cancer-free and wanting to stay that way a low-carb lifestyle, occasional ketogenic dieting and/or fasting could help reduce our chances of developing this metabolic disease. View more here…

3 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet and Cancer”

  1. A final year herbal med student at University of East London- absolutely fascinated by your approach , any relevant pointers would be much appreciated!!

    • Hi Kate, glad you found this approach interesting. Have you attended any of my presentations to Medical Herbalists? I did one on metabolic illness in Birmingham and two lectures at HerbFest last year. Shook a few out-dated beliefs off some old trees! Keep in touch (I’m in the Register of NIMH)


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