Afifah’s Radio 4 Rant Captures Public Imagination

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I didn’t phone in to Any Answers to talk about cancer, but at the mention of that word I was phased out and cut off. I was going to make a different contribution to the subject of the food industry but Julian Worricker posed a specific question to me right at the beginning, rather than letting me say what I had come on to express. Nevertheless, I was pleased to have the opportunity to mention the Royal Soc of Med conference that is coming up on March 27th, as some of the speakers there will be attempting to deceive those who attend into thinking that processed foods can produce health. They cannot.

I would like to thank the many people who have sought me out and emailed me following my appearance on Any Answers yesterday supporting my efforts at saying something that matters. Here are some examples of the kind and heartfelt comments I have received:

Some of the feedback I received within 24 hours:

“Heard you on Any Answers today and just wanted you to know I was cheering you on.
Another example of BBC bias.
I’m afraid we’ve a long way to go.
Best regards

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“I think I spoke to you previously after an Any Answers comment. I wanted to say thanks so much for your comments on Any Answers this Saturday. They are appreciated by an ever-increasing number of us. This IS an issue to get angry about. What is happening is appalling. I have these kinds of conversation any time I mention my low carb diet to a GP (never mind general HFCS addiction issues) Also as a CFS sufferer I know that it is for most people a mitochondrial dysfunction in the face of neurotoxic load with associated candidiasis. Did I get anywhere talking to the Mito expert at St Thomas hospital recently? No! Even in the face of unprecedented recovery by many CFS patients treated for such (see Patricia Kane protocol) There appears to be a major crisis of institutionalised health in this country that is harming people.

You did well, take care,

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“Just listened to Any Answers and was very impressed by both the content and passion of your contribution – well done!

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“I searched for your name after listening to radio 4’s any questions today, as I think it was you who called them. If I’m right, then I just wanted to say thank you for saying some unpalatable truth (excuse the pun!) about the food industry and the ignorance of GPs when it comes to nutrition. I’m simply a mum who’s concerned about her family’s health, and I help my friends and relatives to make more informed decisions to be healthier, through the many book and blogs I read. So than you for saying so clearly what people like us can’t. In just very angry at the BBC for cutting you short, but I’m not surprised.
If it wasn’t you, then I’m happy I came across your blog! 🙂
Warm regards,

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“Luckily I happened to listen to Radio 4 on Saturday, and to you in particular. Thankfully, I could get further because of the internet to read your blog. Very useful, thank you. You would think people my age ought to know something about eating a good diet, but as you rightly allude, Big Food, aided by Big Ag,  ensures we wallow in ignorance, and make it difficult to avoid their clutches.

I learnt from your Radio 4 appearance I need to
better understand digestion of grain products. I had already migrated to rye flour for making  bread, pastry, dumplings and other normally wheat products, though I suspect this change is not enough. Though never mind me, it’s the young people who should not be exposed to the brainwashing. There is much more I could write, but you are, no doubt, very busy. Thank you again for the gems I gained from the radio

Kind regards

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  1. Well done Afifa, just listened to your chat and wow, you stirred up the BBC and it’s blinkered politics in a well informed, intelligent and eloquent way. Such a shame this society is being completely coerced into this nutritional nightmare facing the majority of shoppers as they enter the kingdoms of the supermarkets who supply the big boys with their profits, as well as themselves to the complete detriment of this generation and more than likely the next. How dare they phase you out….where is our freedom of speech, why is big Pharma and the food industry so powerful and so deceptive, as to scare monger our tv and radio companies into this closed shop attitude? We deserve better, you deserved to be heard in full, and I for one support wholeheartedly your ethics on nutrition, it’s the only way forward. Congrats. for making some of the population respond, quite rightly their appreciation of you. 🙂 Kind regards Anthea

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