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Last Updated on November 21, 2023 by Keir Watson
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Today’s Food Programme on Radio 4 was all about lard!

They hesitantly revered lard for its culinary and (gasp!) health benefits. The programme included a bold statement by Stephanie Seneff and an interview with Gary Taubes – both of whom are diametrically opposed to the standard anti-animal/saturated-fat mentality – good to see how the mainstream is starting to respond to the low-carb high-fat research. Other highlights of the show included rendering one’s own lard and a report on the thriving traditional use of lard in Italy. I recommend you have a listen to the show here:

Listen to the show here:

BBC Gallery of how to render your own lard:

One of my friends rendered this silky-smooth lard for me. It may look like honey – but it is far more nutritious! Delicious for roasting and frying.

Missing from the Radio 4 programme were some important facts:

  1. Lard should be soft. Much of the commercial packets of lard are hydrogenated – take care and avoid these at all costs!
  2. Lard is one of the highest food sources of vitamin D – assuming of course we are talking about free-range pigs – as pigs have bare skin exposed to sunlight.
  3. In the UK, unfortunately, pigs are mandated to be fed on grains, including soy. Not ideal as the lard from them will be less nutritious. Some small-scale pig farmers allow their pigs to roam free and forage in woodland – their natural habitat. If you can find such a supplier go for it – you will be getting the best quality pork and lard available.

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