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✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Cow-dairy-free (Using sheep’s cheese and goat’s butter)

This traditional moussaka recipe is a classic for low-carb-high-fat diets. We have it mainly in summer and autumn when our greenhouse aubergines ripen. It is rich, savoury and melts in the mouth – very good with a crisp mixed green salad and fine wine. It could be modified easily to use other summer vegetables, such as courgettes, beefsteak tomatoes or sweet peppers. The topping could be made with cow, sheep or goat’s cheeses to suit, or no cheese at all.

Moussaka (Serves 6)

Onions 2-3 depending on size (home-grown in our case), finely chopped
Any other veg (courgette, peppers, squash for example) in about the same quantity and fineness as the onion.
Aubergines, 1-2 depending on size
Lamb mince, organic, about 500g
Bone broth or stock, 4 tablespoons
Tomato puree, about a tablespoon
Tomato ketchup, about a tablespoon
Sheep’s yogurt, plain, organic (Waitrose), 450g pot
Eggs, 2 large ones
Cinnamon powder
Salt and Pepper
Ghee/clarified butter (or goat’s butter)
Cheese (Parlick Fell sheep’s cheese in this case – from Sainsbury’s) 150g

Fry the onions in a big knob of ghee or goat’s butter until translucent and soft. Add the other finely chopped vegetables too, and stir until softened and glossy. Add the minced lamb meat and stir in, chopping it so as to avoid clumps forming. Add the bone broth or stock, salt and pepper and half a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon, and allow to simmer on low heat. Add the tomato puree and ketchup, plus a little water if it looks too dry. Check the seasoning. While this is cooking prepare the aubergines as follows –

Heat the oven to about 190 centigrade. Slice the aubergines into rounds or long slices (as I have in this case) of about 1.5 cm thick. On one or two large baking trays pour some extra virgin organic unfiltered olive oil (Sainsbury’s). Place each slice of aubergine into the oil, then turn it over, ensuring that both sides are oil covered, and arrange on the tray. Put in the oven for about 15 -25 minutes, checking occasionally, until the slices are very soft and ‘melted’. Remove from the over.

Pour the meat dish into a suitable Pyrex or other oven proof dish. Lay the cooked aubergines over the top.

In a bowl beat up the two eggs. Season with plenty of salt, pepper and paprika. Stir in the whole pot of yogurt and blend well with the eggs. Pour this onto the top of the aubergines and finish with the grated sheep’s cheese. Add a final dusting of good quality paprika and place in the oven. Cook at about 190 centigrade for about 20 minutes, until golden and just a tad crusty. Serve with a fresh green salad or fresh vegetables of your choice, with butter on.

Macronutrients, per serving (recipe above = 6 main course servings)
P: 24g  C: 14g  F: 36g

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