Chocolate Almond Torte

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✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Cow-dairy-free (Includes goat’s butter)

In the spirit of our culture, birthday celebrations and ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ this is a recipe that deserves everyone’s attention. I made it for my daughter’s 19th birthday cake, and she was very very pleased with it. Being a big girl now she does not need candles, so had 19 truffles instead. I used goat’s butter and cream, but you can use cow’s milk products if you are not negatively effected by them (i.e. if you are not the ‘atopic’ type).

This is Food of the Gods, but if you are in the early stages of re-educating your taste buds you may find that this is rather too strong a flavour, or not sufficiently sweet, but that will all change as you progress with real, high quality foods. Taste buds get dulled by eating rubbish, so let’s change all that!

Flourless Chocolate and Almond Torte (Serves 12)

200g 70% plain organic chocolate (Divine)
100g organic caster sugar
100g organic ground almonds
5 organic eggs, separated
150g goat’s butter
3 tablespoon amaretto (or other spirit of your choice – cointreau, rum or whisky)

Prepare an 8inch (20cm) tin with removable base, with baking parchment to line it. Heat the oven to 180 centigrade.

Break up the chocolate into a large ceramic basin and place it into a large pan of simmering water with the butter, also cut into pieces. When melted add the spirits and sugar. Remove from the heat.

While this is all melding together whisk up the five egg whites, until stiff.

Allow the chocolate mixture to cool a little and beat in the egg yolks, one at a time.

Fold in the egg whites as thoroughly but as gently as possible.

Pour into prepared tin and smooth the top. Put in the pre-warmed oven and check at 30 minutes with a tooth pick. If it comes out with just a few crumbs on it is ready, if it is still smeary give it a further  5-10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely.

Top  with crème fraiche, in our case home made from goat’s double cream which three days earlier had a dessertspoon of sheep’s yogurt stirred into it, and then was left out of the fridge to ‘turn’.

The decorations round the edge of the delightful cake stand are chocolate truffles, recipe to follow.

Macronutrients, per serving (recipe above = 12 servings)
P: 6g  C: 16g  F: 26g

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Almond Torte”

    • Hi An, thanks for you comment. The cake plate is amazing, and I am glad you spotted it. I gave it to my mother for Mother’s Day about five years ago, as I fell in love with it in little boutique gift shop in Chichester, and when my mother died it came back to me, but always reminds me of her.

  1. real interesting read, going to make a cake for my friends, not even going to tell them it’s paleo, until they ask me, ‘how come I look like I do eating cake’ ha! I know a life dirty secret xx

  2. How can I replace goat’s cheese? I can not consume dairy or casein and I think goat cheese contain casein. Thank you

    • The base cake recipe only uses goat’s ghee (clarified butter). I make this myself from goat’s butter as I am intolerant of cow’s milk products. When you clarify butter you end up with almost pure fat (non allergenic) so many people who cannot tolerate casein (the protein in milk) and lactose (the sugar in milk) are fine with it. However, there may be trace quantities left, so if you are very reactive best avoid this. In which case try coconut oil. As for the topping, where I used goat’s cream, you could try coconut cream (note: this is not the same as creamed coconut!). Hope that helps!

    • Yes, it will tolerate one or perhaps two days in advance, but could dry out somewhat depending on how and where it is stored. Cool it completely once it is out of the oven and store in an air-tight tin in the fridge. Don’t add the creme fraiche topping until the day it is to be served. One could simply use whipped cream, goat’s or cow’s if you don’t get round to making creme fraiche. Good luck with it. It is truly gorgeous!


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