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I can now confirm that the first of my workshops/presentation on Food and Health will take place on Saturday October 27th at the Bassil Shippam Centre in Chichester at 2.30pm. The second meeting will be at the same venue but on a Sunday, 2nd December at 10am. We will endeavour to change the day of the week as much as we can to permit as many people as possible to attend. As I am only charging £4.00 per head, everyone who values their health can afford these workshops.

Having spent the last five years researching, reading around the subject and burying ourselves in published scientific papers, we are now in a position to offer a coherent series of lectures/workshops aimed at spreading the results of this research to a wider audience. It is now clear that the last fifty years of dietary advice coming from government, scientists and the media, and acted on by the majority of westerners, was wrong and has in fact harmed us, such that we see an explosion in chronic illnesses of the body and mind, and many of the diseases of old age are now being seen in younger people. All this can, and must, be corrected.

I am very keen that young adults should attend these sessions, especially those who have not yet had children, as they will benefit the most from the information we will be sharing. Building a baby when the time comes, requires huge physiological effort. I will be showing you how all the nourishment needed can be supplied naturally, without pills or risk. Just as important is how to avoid shooting yourself (and your unborn kids) in the foot. We will show you which foods interfere with children’s development, while they are forming and once they have arrived. Thus, the next generation can be healthier, more robust, and free of the problems that have become so commonplace amongst kids of today.

All of us will learn how to vastly improve our health. Those that have a particular medical problem, or have family members that are struggling with ill health of body or mind, will find practical and easy measures that can be employed to help. Since all the common medical problems that are besetting us (and costing us enormous sums of money via the NHS) take a huge emotional toll too, putting things on the path to recovery will be joyful all round.

You won’t just have to listen to me either as my husband Keir Watson and friend Caroline Spear are also involved, giving specific research overviews and practical demonstrations of food preparation.

Caroline and I are certified Gut And Physiology Practitioners, having completed the training with the neurologist Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride recently. The GAPS approach is extremely effective at treating common neurological conditions of childhood such as autism spectrum, ADHD, dyspraxia, Tourettes etc, as well as adult versions of these, and similar food based measures can be taken for heart disease, auto-immune disorders and mental health issues.

I look forward to seeing you there. Please email me, via the comment box below or the ‘contact me’ button on my main website, so that I have some idea of numbers and refreshment needs (included in the entrance fee).

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