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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: The real reason so many diets don’t work | Daily Mail Online

Read Time: < 1 min Nice to see a mainstream presenter supporting high-fat diets. Dr Mosley points to multiple studies that show the benefit of full fat diets over low-fat diets …

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Evolution and Diet

Evolution, Video

Evolutionary Orthodontics arrives

Read Time: < 1 min Great new video about improving facial and dental form according to cutting edge evolutionary thinking

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Paleo Diet

Read Time: 13 min Unpicking the complexities of how human oral health changed with the advent of agriculture.

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Read Time: 5 min Spoiler Alert! The Paleo diet included veggies. Recent evidence confirms the obvious: our hunter gatherer ancestors both hunted AND gathered.

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The Gluten Iceberg…

because there is so much more…

…just under the surface

Why no one should eat grains. Part 1 – The tip of the Iceberg

Read Time: 12 min Familiarise yourself with the research around coeliac disease and you will understand why eating gluten is playing Russian roulette with your health. Introduction Whilst ‘only’ 1% …

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Why no one should eat grains. Part 2 – The definitive guide to Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

Read Time: 19 min A detailed examination of the current science on this recently recognised gluten pathology. Includes new videos from world class researchers.

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Why no one should eat grains. Part 3: Ten more reasons to avoid wheat

Read Time: 22 min Beyond coeliac disease and NCGS – we look at the many ways that wheat can affect everyone. Includes new groundbreaking research.

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Why no one should eat grains. Part 4: whole grains – the whole truth

Read Time: 11 min Grains dominate the world food supply, but have many negative health consequences independent of gluten related disorders. We consider their downsides and show that whole grains including oats do not live up to the ‘heart-healthy’ hype.

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My recipes are designed to help people who are on a restricted diet for health reasons.

I have included plenty of recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, along with ideas for snacks, deserts and cakes: all without the use of grains in any form. Many include options for goat or sheep dairy, or dairy-free.

Options for Christmas and other celebrations will help you stay on track.

✓ Gluten-free and Grain-free
✓ Dairy-free versions
✓ Paleo and Carnivore
✓ True Ketogenic recipes
✓ Low-Carb, Low-Sugar, Zero-Carb

Example Recipes


Bad Medicine

Food and the Environment

Study: dairy, not plant based diets is the best way to feed the planet

Read Time: 5 min New Zealand farm analysis finds that mixed dairy/cropping systems feed the greatest number of people. Protein considerations prove pivotal.

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Herbal Medicine Articles


Read Time: < 1 min Study shows that Echinacea reduces common cold frequency and symptom severity.

Red Light Phototherapy

Sunlight and Vitamin D

Vegetarian and Veganism

Veganism, extremism and domestic terrorism

Read Time: 10 min Behind veganism is an ideological movement linked to extremism, violence and terrorism. We take a look behind the “Meat is Murder” narrative.

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West Sussex History of Medicine Lectures

Why did it take so long to crack scurvy?

Read Time: 19 min Captain Cook impressed the Royal Society with his successful use of saurkraut to ward off scurvy Image: ‘Oatehite’ by Isaac Robert Cruickshank (1789-1856) Thoughts on a …

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Great Losses of the Great War

Read Time: 4 min During the First World War, the British Officer Class suffered the heaviest losses. Mr John Reynard reminds us of some of their stories.

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The Contagious Diseases Acts 1864 and The History of Spermatorrhoea

Read Time: 6 min Comments on two lectures: (1) The Contagious Diseases Acts (2) The History of Spermatorrhoea — the little known ‘Male Hysteria’

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