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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. I am Afifah Hamilton, a Medical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist. I am the owner of Rosemary Cottage Clinic – a busy practice near Chichester in West Sussex. Every year I help hundreds of people, just like you, to transform their health, often after a long period of struggle. But don’t take my word for it, read what my patients say here.

How my Approach has Developed

My private practice started in 1993, after four years of formal training. For a long time I treated a lot of people with skin disorders, respiratory issues, hormone disruption, heart and circulatory disorders, depression and anxiety, and I gained a reputation for success in this sort of general medicine. Then, about a decade ago, I started to attract increasingly complex cases, involving multiple organ systems, many with major immune and autoimmune reactions. GPs were unable to meet the needs of such patients and I had to rise to the challenge.

I immersed myself in the medical literature, reading hundreds of scientific papers every year, and attending specialist seminars. Perhaps my greatest breakthrough was understanding the fundamental role of nutrition in modifying the course of disease. I also trained in phlebotomy with the NHS so that I could make use of specialist laboratories to help with diagnoses as well as genetic testing to uncover individual weaknesses. Along with these new diagnostic skills I also introduced UVB and red light phototherapy, alongside highly focused herbal medicines.

What Happens During a Consultation

In contrast to the way a GP might work, I take a very detailed medical history, there and then with the patient at the first visit. This way I can spot patterns in symptoms at a personal or familial level, which can lead to joining up the dots that most doctors would miss. If necessary I suggest certain tests, or will review tests already performed which the patient brings, and these can reveal underlying metabolic or nutritional issues that can be addressed directly or indirectly with nutrition and safe medicinal herbs. This is similar to a ‘functional medicine’ approach and takes account of a wide range of environmental factors (e.g. toxins, moulds), genetic or family traits, dietary reactions, medical events and lifestyle effects. The result of this attention to detail is usually significant improvement or total resolution of the condition, and a return to health.

My Personal Life

Apart from my devotion to this clinical work my personal life revolves round the family. I am married to a wonderful man, a physics teacher, gardener and my web designer, and we have two grown up children and bonny grandchildren. Living in a beautiful part of Sussex we take full advantage of the local organic food producers, whilst growing some of own vegetables and fruit. You will see, as you explore this site, that a lot goes on here at Rosemary Cottage Clinic, where I walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

I look forward to helping you to improve your health, and in order for you to feel confident in working with me I offer a free, 10 minute, no obligation phone consultation during which you can ask questions and get a feel for whether you would like to avail yourself of my expertise in solving your particular health challenges.


“I can honestly say that discovering Afifah 3 years ago has been, in terms of my health, life changing.”
― Susan Johnstone (Sussex)


About My Clinic

Although the clinic is part of my home, it has its own front door, waiting area, cloakroom, consultation room and dispensary that are totally separated from the family areas. The space is comfortable, private and welcoming. However, as it is part of my home all visits are strictly by appointment only, although patients can drop in to collect repeat prescriptions from the porch.

Rosemary Cottage Clinic has a beautiful garden at the front, where a range of fruit, herbs and woodland plants are grown using permaculture principles. During your visit you are very welcome to look around and pick some fruit if it is in season. It makes a pleasant waiting area in good weather.

The clinic is easy to access by car, bus or bicycle. There is ample parking on the drive and outside on the grass verge. A cycle lane runs past the gate, and there are bus stops right outside on the A259


“I was a health professional myself, suffering with my health, floundering with GP and gastro consultants… I am now very very well, and I thank Afifah for that”
― Joy Page (Hampshire)

Other stuff I do


Article & Recipes

My WordPress blog contains hundreds of referenced articles based on the most up to date science on nutrition and health. I have also written dozens of recipes to help patients trying to adapt to a new way of eating. The resources are free, so why not take a look?


Kitchen Demos

Cooking Workshops

I run cookery demonstrations for small groups (6-10 people) in my own kitchen showing how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. If you are interested in attending click below for further information.



Talks & CPD delivery

I speak at public talks, private meetings and professional conferences on topics ranging from metabolic nutrition to using garden herbs for home first aid. I provide CPD lectures for professionals such as GP groups and midwives.


“My new diet is treating me well. It’s amazing how I no longer have the dips. My skin is also glowing. I’m still rather tired but for the first time ever I have been able to fight off the cold that every one has had around me, which is unheard of! The experience has been life changing. My health has had a huge improvement and I now glow from the inside out. I came away from the first appointment feeling more positive and confident. Afifah is a lovely, warm and welcoming lady who is very approachable. I strongly recommend her.”
― Mr PA (Hampshire)