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What Patients Say

MrB-B a satisfied patient

Brian Budd PhD (Hampshire)

I was within a day of starting the ghastly NHS drug program so, for me, your interest and advice has probably been a life-saver. I would almost certainly by now have graduated to a type 1 injecting diabetic without it. “Thank you” seems an almost grudgingly inadequate response, but THANK YOU!
MsR-B is pleased she used my services

Rosie Brown (West Sussex)

Meeting Afifah quite simply changed my life for the better. Digestive problems, suffered since my childhood, have been completely healed. Now in my later years, I am free from stomach pain and bloating. Without doubt this is due to healing that has taken place after adopting the dietary advice Afifah advocated.
MsS-B was helped to overcome an autoimmune bowel disease

Ms S.B. (Chichester)

I have been working with Afifah to help me manage and support my Crohn’s Disease nutritionally rather than pharmaceutically for just under a year so far. Within approx. 3-4 months we had enabled me to become medication free for the first time in 21 years! I wish I had found her a long time ago.

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